3102g pure lightness

Started the day with almost 2h cycling with David. Good weather, good company and nice roads like usual. And then work. In the afternoon checking how worn my chain was I found out that I punctured. A small puncture so pumped it up and rode home after word just losing a bar or a little more on the way home. A piece of glass in the tire. The funny thing with that is the ride today was the last on that tire. Will change it for a Challenge Grifo after today on the Carbomania front wheel. So the Continentaltire goes to the garbage 🙂 Map & Graph for the ride here: TrainingPeaks Ulriken2

Coming home, finding a note in the mailbox that I have a package to collect. A new rim, not FFWD as they were very expensive, but a cheaper Planet X 20mm rim. So went collecting that and asked if they did got another package for me, they had and were kind so gave it to me. When I came home I had got this:

First then a Planet X 20mm Tubular rim. FFWD F2R says 270g, Planet X is:

And I got my new mtbframe. A Cannondale Scalpel with a DT Swiss damper. Older frame with Alu seat tube and 100mm travel. Lighter that expected including bottom bracket (49g) and headset (60g):

Also got new chainrings for my SuperX that I waited a while for. Experimental Prototype 38+50t chainrings for 130mm BCD. Is said to work well and the weight speaks for itself:

Also changed a part for a really cool set of tires. FMB Paris-Roubaix 27mm, the tires if you want to win Paris-Roubaix, Ronde van Vlaanderen or something like Tom Boonen and Fabian Cancellara. But as those riders aren’t the lightest the tires are not the lightest either:

Like Christmas today. For the frame was an 9g Token seatclamp too. So fun, so nice, so light. 😀

Tuned Lefty, saved 133g

I had a Cannondale Lefty Speed XLR that came with my bike. 1393g including ti-bolts. Then I talked to Headshok-Willy (Larry in Europe) it was possible to change the outer leg to Carbon fibre to save weight. He could do it and after a couple of e-mails I sent my fork to the Netherlands. Then they screwed up and e-mailed wrong person so had to wait almost 3 weeks until they fixed it. But today I got it back 😀 Old leg:

New fork including new needle beerings and a full service. Maybe with Air tuning kit too, haven’t checked.

And then on my scale:

So dropped 133g and became better looking. 😀 Mounted on my nice bike that misses crankarms:

And a picture on the front:

After I mounted the crankarms that should come tomorrow the bike is under 7,3kg 😀 Maybe I should change the forkboot to a nicer one if I find and feels like I have to change rear derailleur. To use a long cage with double or single ring is a bit of a fail. But but, works for now.

White brake hosing

Today I took my Flash to work, a bit different riding a 2kg lighter bike with lefty 😉 But nice feeling. Have had a package of white hosing for my front brake laying at work for some time and thought I should mount it before I forget. And as the weight weenie I am I shortened the hosing a little too, but haven’t checked the weight difference. Result look like this:

Only missing with for the Xloc, anyone know if I can get it somewhere?

the Ionos investment for life

A helmet is important, a working one is even more important. My lovely Atmos broke in the transportation to Germany so I put it in the garbage before getting back to Norway. Today I got a new one. Thought of Aeon  as we have mostly Giro at work and my head like Giro. But Aeon was just in one colour that I didn’t want. So instead I got a Ionos. First a black medium but after trying to fix it to my head perfect before I went home a friend thought I should have a small instead, haven’t even thought of that. But the small was better. So changed to a small white helmet. Really nice helmet.

A little thicker than my Atmos was but was a little bit lighter anyway, if I remember right my Atmos was 284g.

After getting home I went to the store to buy some food and get a nice package. You can see a little of it on the picture here above and a little more here:

More pictures and info on it tomorrow. For the first time in my life I’m own something with the lovely AX-Lightness brand on, hopefully not the last time 😀 Good night.

How to become a weightweenie:

There are really light bikes from the box like Cannondale Flash Ultimate, Scott Scale 899 Premium, Merida O.Nine Team, Canyon … and many others. But that’s now weightweenie, all that It shows is that you have a big wallet and like the most expensive stuff. Weightweenies is all about change to the lighter things, make parts lighter and dreaming of lighter things. Maybe try something new just because it will be lighter. Today a famous guy in Sweden is trying to sell things that can make you a weightweenie. Or just make your bike lighter and maybe better.

Like an M2Racer 27,2x300mm seatpost under 100g for 1000SEK (I have one on my roadbike):

Or maybe start with the fullsuspension frame. Perfect for racing and pretty light. Cannondale Scalpel in size M incl DT damper, under 2000g and for just 10000SEK:

Complete the framekit with the lightest Lefty that is stiffer than all XCforks you know the name of. Cannondale Headshok Lefty Speed Carbon SL at 1150-1200g for 5000SEK:

For gearing every weightweenie like twisters. But also 10-speed as it is the shit nowadays. Sram X.0 twister modified to work with 10-speed, including X.0 rear derailleur and a LX front if you want. 1500SEK:

For brakes the lightest of the good of course. Formula R1 for 4000SEK incl carbon levers:

He has some KCNC rotors for a good price or really light titanium rotors if you like. For the Lefty you need an adapter. Like the lightest adapter (as I know) that is working really good (got one). Made in Italy, 9g and you get it for 400SEK:

And if you only care about weight and dream about carbonfibre, than you can buy this really light Lightning crankset for only 4000SEK:

If you don’t get yourself a Cannondale Hollowgram SL and buy the sickest chainrings to it instead. 27/42t rings, 87g (31g lighter than my FRMrings) and a price at 1100SEK

If you want to buy anything, everything or other light parts lite Soul Kozakstem, titan mtbcassette, Tune Mighub or  Soul Kozak Lefty hub please send an e-mail to mattias@hellore.se