THE Tool Kit

Usually when you find biketools in a nice little box or bag half of the tools are useless unless you got a really old cheap bike. Just a waste of money instead of buying just the tools you need.

Then Feedback Sports thought about it and introduced their Team Edition Tool Kit:


Missing a couple of pliers and a hammer other than that it’s pretty complete. I would recommend to get their T-Handle kit in it too as T-handles are the best allen key shape 🙂 If you should buy a set tool kit or recommend to someone this is the one. About it:

New top of the line toolkit from Silca

They got the most refined and expensive floor pump ever made for cycling. Now they also got the toolkit we all dream of. Bikes mostly uses allen keys for adjusting, mounting and dismounting parts and most allen keys are pretty bad. Even some of the big bike tool brands can’t make proper allen keys. Silce got the solution with their kit:

If you want to know more about this beauties, look here: Silca

Would have loved one if I didn’t had my Facom keys which I held very high.