Early Bird

I know I have a hard time to motivate me to train well after working so today I sat the alarm on 5.00 and did go for a ride before work 🙂 Great now when it’s light outside and no rain today, just a bit of wet roads:

Rode out to Ingarö to try a climb I’ve heard about, sure it was a climb but all I thought of was Salhus and a 100min ride I used to do when I lived in Bergen. Then there was climbs, small but good and many riding along the coast. Check here if you want to see the track wintertime: Movescount

646 altitude meters in under 2h. Today I got 566 in 2h40min. Looking like this:

Map and stats of today: Movescount

The great thing riding in the morning without eating breakfast before (ate a bit while riding) is the taste of my breakfast. Today from Magnus Johanssons bakery with coffee from Johan & Nyström. Perfect energy before I started to work: