Pictures from the weekend

The weekend is over, the racing is over and a big THANK YOU to all the people who made this awesome racing in Stora Skuggan, Stockholm possible! Let’s do all we can to make this event bigger, better and more spread to all the non cyclists too.

Here is some random pictures from women and men elite race and some from the Men 40 yesterday:

SWE XCO Champs and a rainy ride

Women junior winner: Jenny Rissveds

Men junior winner: Dennis Vincent Wahlqvist

Then the big names. Women Elite winner: Alexandra Engen racing for the best swedish club (I’m in it too 😉


And in Men Elite Emil Lindgren dominated leading the race early and then keeping it to the end:


Alexandras 6th title and Emil’s 2nd. Well done!

And before they won I was out riding my SuperX again. 5th ride on it and still like it a lot 😀 First 1-1,5h was okey and then it started rain and rained the last 3h. First time this summer I get good use of my Mavic Infinity H20 jacket 😉 Rode around Gullfjellet without any stop in Os. I felt just dead in Os and wanted to take the big easy road home but David and Tom that I rode with had other plans and I didn’t stop it so. First a small climb up Ulven (pretty nice one) and then Fanafjellet. Didn’t feel so much slower today than last sunday but my heart rate were almost 15 beats lower.

And when just eating a banana, climbing Gullbotn, up Stølskleiva, Ulven and Fanafjellet I got pretty dead. Had to take my emergency gel when we came to Lagunen to survive the way home. And I did but was pretty weak in the end. Hard life but fun in a way too. When the bike works good, you ride with good friends on nice roads with nice climbs for a long time, then you can have this good feeling coming home and have to sit down before you even can get in to the apartment and just thinking of laying on the floor. 🙂 The sad thing about the ride today is that my barometer on the GPS didn’t work that good when it started raining and the Elevation correction in TrainingPeaks was just a joke. So the climb isn’t right in any way 😦 But if you anyway want to see map and a graph you can look here: TrainingPeaks Gullfjellet raining