Totland with Leif and some CX

In Gothenburg it was like yesterday. Matthas Wengelin won the mens race and Angelica Edvardsson the womens. In the Benelux countries it wasn’t the same. Grote Prijs Mario de Clercq today with Sven Nys dominating in the mud while Tom Meeusen and Kevin Pauwels crashed hard:



Don’t know so much about the womens race except that Nikki Harris won and here is a picture from Cyclephotos:



Here in Bergen I was out riding my SuperX with Leif on his Merida 28er. Tuned my bike with some red today:



But the biggest tune was that I changed chainring. 42t is a bit hard when climbing with 12-25 cassette. Changed for a Experimental Prototype 36t ring instead which suited my Experimental Prototype chainguide nicely. Great combo with a 36t today and you can ride pretty fast with it too, maybe I’ll let it be on for next weekend too. 77g is it so probably a bit lighter than my FRM ring too, have to check tomorrow.

Great ride with some wrong ways, didn’t remember Klosterrittet all but got some nice training. And in perfect autumn weather. Here is a picture on the way back with a bit of Leif:


Stats and map here: Movescount

Rolling through Bergen city in this awesome weather with an empty stomach made me stop at Bryggen for an ice cream 🙂

IMG_20131013_145637 IMG_20131013_145655


Love to ride in the autumn. Think it’s even better than the summer here in Bergen. So beautiful colors.


Rett Vest 2013, how slow can you race

Was riding the race Rett Vest (straight west) today but not as a race but as the last rider. So prepared for a soft race (no preparation at all). Got a soft day except I had a bit hard on the asphalt downhill in the beginning with 34-10 gearing. Up the big famous (read: hated) climb that is 2km long and 337m (16,8%) with a lot of water and stones it took me a bit over 20min to go up. today it took 44min.

44min walking in rain with hurting left foot and a too heavy bike (can’t be light enough when you have to carry and push it) it was a pain. But took the ride with a smile as I had an easy ride and the guy in front of me had a really hard time. This someone always have it worse was correct today. Spinned on easy gears, took the climb up Bontveit at around 133 in heartrate on 34-42 while the people in front of me fighting to not have to step of their bike. Worked with encouragement today and as a women who ended last was thanking me it seemed to work.

57km race, it took me 4h11min. One hard climb, one short we also had to walk, otherwise just relaxing and came to the finishline with 125 in average heart rate 😉 Good for me to have an easy ride for once, don’t remember last time.

To give a glimpse of a normal view today. On top of the big climb:

But today it was water everywhere, just laughed seeing a lake instead of a rocky trail. To much water.

The funny thing is that we rode asphalt, gravel, trails today in that order but close the where the picture is there is awesome singletracks made for Trail/Endurobikes. Got to go there and ride for real sometimes.

After the race and some talking about how it was, which one that hasn’t come to the finishline and eaten some soup I went home. 40min riding with a bag across Bergen. Stepped the pace up and passed 3 roadcyclists and 1 car. The bike was awesome today except the fork that is leaking oil and got a lock-out that doesn’t seem to work proper. Have to send it to service tomorrow, said with a fork not even used 10 times.

Stats and map: Movescount (and for knowing I rode the same race last year on 2h47min)

Mariestads MTB Race

First XCrace today in over two years. And what a race. A tight course with a lot of small stones and roots and pretty flat. Full Suspension bike course. Really fun to meet all great people I haven’t seen for a while and even when I was the last one who finished (past one that seemed to have quit the race) and my back was hurting a lot in the end because it’s not used to ride so hard it was really fun to race. 😀



Far up to next rider. But next time I will race with those I will get higher up and not 14min after the first one. All results you find here: Mariestadscyklisten

And then it was time for the elite riders, juniors and H30 (men 30) and I walked around the course a bit and cheered and took some pictures of how you are supposed to ride:

IMAG0672 IMAG0673 IMAG0674 IMAG0676 IMAG0677 IMAG0664 IMAG0665 IMAG0666 IMAG0667 IMAG0669 IMAG0670


And the winners. Ann Berglund – IK Hakarpspojkarna and Matthias Wengelin – CK Natén Säter:



Oh, nice Modify Watches clock on Matthias arm 🙂

If you want to how the track went and some stats from my race you can find it here: Movescount or follow me on Strava