MTB and the New Daily

It become a long day, a full day, a warm day, a day that started with mtbiking with Jaime before work. A great ride on nice trails. Starting to get really dry now so both sections with mud and sections where it’s so dry it’s hard to get enough traction. Jaime with SCS Racing Team style:

Me in my new commutinghelmet. Got a Specialized Centro instead of my Prevail to use for city riding. Fluo of course to match my shoes 🙂

Map and stats: Movescount

Then at work, before we even opened it came. My new commuter and daily bike. As my last awesome Daily Sport was stolen and it was sold out I had to look for something else. A little more expensive Daily with 3-speed Nexus is the new thing:

Awesome rack as before and just out of the box except the lock and some bolts. Great bike which I already used for almost 30km 🙂 Thanks Specialized Concept Store Stockholm and Specialized Nordic for this 😀

Soon it’s time again


Riding a bike and eating icecream, can it be better? Or riding a hole day with mountains, fjords and great weather:


Or the first ride on mtb for the season:


Or doing a small race with friends and end with a super ride on new tracks afterwards:


Sometimes it can be good suffering up a long climb too with company that got a lot of more power than you:


Looking forward to the spring and summer 😀

CX: The love and hate

I love racing, love to push the limits with others and try to go fast. Love watching people go really fast and push further. Love racing bikes no matter if it’s for XC, CX, Road, Enduro or DH. The small tweaks, perfectly set up to be ridden to the limit expecting everything to work and knowing that it will work for the cause. Racing like in this teaser:

The thing I have a problem with is the biggest part, the part of being good and do hard training. Like trying to get up this climb over and over again looking strange:

Rode up to the top, straight up twice. The third time it was too slippery so the 8 times afterwards I just rode straight almost up. Really hard and it tasted blood halfways through it. That’s why I only rode 10 times full speed. And then 2 sprints. Home after 29min. That’s a hard effort for me but not such good training when it’s so short.

Can see the small climb here: Movescount

Think I will try once more on thursday, but in an easier climb that I can manage, maybe a bit longer too. Trying to find some speed until the race in Skien on saturday and get some hard training for my back.

Worlds end and how to make a super bike

Got out on my bike today after work, with the thought that I can’t just lay on the sofa after riding so much last week. Planned an easy ride to Worlds End and back. Eating an ice cream too.

A little headwind and something wrong with my shoes (sad to say but my Mavic’s feels better than my Sidi’s) made me have a harder time than I planned. But awesome weather 🙂

Came to Worlds End and they didn’t have any ice cream 😦 Took a selfie instead:

On the way back it felt better, never on the small ring in front and even felt fast at some moments. Great feeling and I think that this Fana IL jersey from Craft is the best jersey I got, perfect fit, feels light, a zip pocket in the middle and even opening the zipper in front halfways it sits tight.

Map and Stats of today: Movescount

Talked to a friend about Trek Madone, think the bike can’t be ridden slow. Think I ride it on the edge. Maybe easier with a bike like this:


858867_673896015963059_730058190_o 906118_673896522629675_19924294_o



A couple of pictures from the race in Svelvik last saturday. And you can see on the first picture how much I liked the course there 😉

A much nicer thing is this:

A friend is selling a set of really light and most beautiful roadbike brakes ever produced (except the ones tuned by A2J). THM Fibula.

You can buy them for yourself or you could sponsor me a bit so I can buy them. Up to you, Add is here: Weightweenies

Same guy is also selling a matching crankset, THM Clavicula

Fløyen with Dan Erik again

I’m not used to train every day. But this week isn’t usual. The sun is shining from a blue sky, the forrest is dry like never before and I love to ride mtb in the autumn in this awesome weather. Like this lovely autumn rides I did in Sweden like once a year, but now every day. And with a gorgeous view 😀

Rode almost the same as yesterday today except we took it a bit easier in the start and then pushed the pedals up a Strava segment, 8.49 instead of 9.24 climbing so going up 🙂 Then we rode a pretty easy but nice singletrack that I haven’t ridden for over a year. Up to Brushytten and down around with a photoshoot:

IMG_20131002_085029 IMG_20131002_085146


Dan Erik skipped Fløyen Rock Garden today as he said he doesn’t want to die. I did a personal record and is now the second fastest that segment 🙂 Funny that the singletrack I haven’t dared to ride before isn’t any problem now, great development. Rode as much great singletracks I know of on the way down and Fjellveien back home. Great start of the day 🙂

Stats and map: Movescount

Great training, great views and some good singletracks but will change place for riding tomorrow. Think I will go up to Krohnegården before work as it was a long time since last time. 😀 Top shape soon 😉

Sunday ride with some guiding

Met Gabor from this morning for showing some of the nice roads around Bergen. Thought of around Gullfjellet with some others:

Was like this, then some more and in Indre Arna we met up with more people. Around 20 cyclists in total and not much of order. But good for us that just wanted some sightseeing through the beautiful landscape that surrounds Bergen

In Trengereid it started raining, a lot on the top and down on the other side. Rainjackets was used and missed my asssaver

Then it stopped raining, like usual not the same weather all the time here 😉 Stopped in Os for some energy and it was talked about going up Fanafjellet. I didn’t had the legs but I was a guide so what to do :p. The others didn’t go up but just straight back to Bergen so we said goodbye and turned towards the hard climb. Gabor with easy legs and mine without so much muscles. He smiled, I fought but like to ride so I was pretty happy too 😉

Up Fanafjellet:

Dry roads again as you see and a bit sun sometimes. Great time and my bike really makes everything for me. If I press a little on the pedals it flies, couldn’t have a better bike for climbing 🙂 Down on the other side and easy back to Bergen city with a bit less pressure in my rear tire. Wasn’t all good when I got it and today riding for longer I felt I was loosing air and had to pump it in Os. Will change it for a new good tire, without stans or what it is in my tire.

Back home it started raining 15min after I came in through my door, good timing. Stats and map here: Movescount

And great thanks to Gabor for today, good luck on your climbing vacation in this beautiful country.

Ulvåsen and some more riding

A lot of cycling now but probably last time this week today. Because I’m going to Spain and then to Andorra for XCO/XCE World Cup 🙂 Will be fun watching but will miss Emil Lindgren.

Today I rode a climb, Ulvåsen which I almost managed, missed by a couple of meters in the end. Really steep and fighting with bad shape in the beginning doesn’t make it easier. But rode some fun really rooty and technical trails afterwards. And dry for once 🙂 Really fun.

IMAG0706 IMAG0707


The first picture shows how it looked sometimes. Great with low pressure and tubular tyres 🙂

Stats and map: Movescount

And when this is published I’m on the way to the airport for looking and fast riders 😀 Say hello if you see me there

The national Champs

Michael Olsson and Emilia Fahlin is the new national champions in Sweden. 

In Norway t was Cecilie Gøtaas Johnsen who took the victory in front of Miriam Bjørnsrud and Emilie Moberg. The mens race was really fun, and I was in a service car and followed it all the 18 laps they did. Was a good breakaway in the middle with people like Stian Remme, Gabriel Rasch, David Desa and 8 more riders that got a gap of 4min as most. But Thor Hushovd didn’t like it and put in an attack with his Team Plusbank team getting 13 more riders up to the breakaway including Edvald Boason Hagen, Alexander Kristoff and Filip Eidsheim. No one wanted to work so the peloton caught up. With two laps to go Thor Hushovd attacked hard, and with his homerace he probably got som extra power because the chasing Alexander Kristoff and Edvald Boason Hagen couldn’t reach him before the finish line.

Thor Hushovd got new Norwegian champion on home soil 😀 Kristoff second and Boason Hagen third.