Save 100g on your Rock Shox SID

If you have on of the newer Rock Shox SID forks you can save around 100g. With an Ultralight cartridge like this:


From Used by Jean-Christoph Peraud in La Brasse for example. Made in France. Pre-set Rebound but Lock-out on the go. Be a real weight weenie and tune your bike 🙂

White brake hosing

Today I took my Flash to work, a bit different riding a 2kg lighter bike with lefty 😉 But nice feeling. Have had a package of white hosing for my front brake laying at work for some time and thought I should mount it before I forget. And as the weight weenie I am I shortened the hosing a little too, but haven’t checked the weight difference. Result look like this:

Only missing with for the Xloc, anyone know if I can get it somewhere?