easy record ride

Longest ride since I moved to Tønsberg today 😉 2h39min, with 130 in average heart rate so really soft after work ride. Team Veloshop today, or me and my boss on our Trek Madone 6.2 🙂

Rode some new roads as usual with very little traffic and felt like it was in the middle of nowhere


And a wheelpic:


Wheels rolled well and after spending 5min on adjusting my seat to perfection in the beginning the bike feels very good too 🙂 The frame I’ve spent most time thinking about before an order I think and it made some results. And still haven’t tried it with my dream wheels. Will glue a tire tomorrow and then I can try the bike for real, with FMB Competition CX Soie and Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate.

Maybe I just have to train to get better then 😉 Stats from today: Movescount

puncture=change to tubular

Home after work today and stressed around with clothes and things to get out fast and meet some people to ride mtb with. Got my pump and should pump the tires, front one was okey but rear had lost all air and popped in so no chance to get air in it with my SKS Airbase pump 😦


stans on the floor and as I didn’t wash the bike after last ride it had dirt on the sidewalls. 😦 Changed for my Trek with tubulars and went to worlds end. Funny to name a place worlds end or Verdens Ende as it is in Norwegian. Over one island and in the end of next it is, 26,8km from here 😉 Nice ocean view on the last bridge out to Tjøme:

IMG_20140403_184351 IMG_20140403_184356

And the worlds end, looked pretty good. A summer day, riding out, take a swim and an ice cream in the sun 😀

IMG_20140403_191201 IMG_20140403_191232 IMG_20140403_191243 IMG_20140403_191249

Funny thing of today was that my bike started to make serious noises after 10km, thought for a while that the fork was broken as it sounded like carbon problems. Stopped and checked fork/headset and it felt good, held my hand on all wires as the can make noises but nothing changed anything. Then I checked the bottle, there it was. The bottle cage made noises being so close to the down tube. Much more contact area as the inside/back of the down tube is all flat. Will put a spaces between the frame and bottle cage to get it quiet.

Other funny thing is that I stopped adore Rapha so much as before, seems to mainstream and just selling to everyone on their name, nothing special. But anyway I wore a long sleeve jersey, a short sleeve jersey, a pair of pants, a pair of socks, a cycling cap and a musette from Rapha this week 😉 Think I have to change my wardrobe for the new cool brand coming up in next blog post.

Ending with a cycling path on my way back, cycling path all the way today


And stats if you are interested, got to get some speed in my legs. Movescount

Here comes the sun

The plan was 4h today with a friend and some other guys. He got busy so changed the plans. New to this place and many roads to find so takes some time. Rode from Veloshop to Stokke and then a small really nice road down to Sandefjord. With a pretty steep climb that I didn’t think existed here 😉 But not so long. Missed to take some photos on that road.

Then through Sandefjord and planned to follow road 305 to Andebu or somewhere around there. First it wasn’t allowed to ride on that road in the beginning so had to turn back a bit and on to a cycling path not leading the same place. Turned right and headed to road 305. Met 4 children riding there bikes back home or something, one little girl had a yellow Mavic Plasma helmet, really cool 😀

Missed the 305 so ended north and followed the old E18 up on cycling paths. Like this:


Nice sun too so felt even warmer than yesterday 🙂


When I got to Sem I had thoughts of going back to Tønsberg but a straight flat open road with headwind didn’t feel so funny so continued north to Barkåker and then back down to Tønsberg in the forrest.

Stats of today showing that I’m not so fast: Movescount

Thought of the aero advantage too on the way home from Barkåker. Theoretically my bike should be much more aero than my last bike. Aerobrakes, aeroshaped KammTail tubes, less spacers on the fork so would be better in headwind than my old bikes 😉 Will try it next week with proper wheels 😀

Can also add that my beautiful THM Carbones Clavicula crankset seems to work on Trek’s tight BBstandard too. Impressed that a <450g crankset (including everything) can be so stiff. Think I’m sold 🙂

Ready for road start, proper stem on my Trek Madone 6

Mounted the new stem on my Trek Madone 6.2 yesterday, really good fit if you ask me 🙂 Also took my bike home from Veloshop so today after work it will be road riding. Very long time since last time now


120mm Zipp Service Course SL behind black stem. Still 5,89kg

Trek Madone 6.2 cerrol edition

IMG_20140319_181002 IMG_20140319_181012 IMG_20140319_181030


Borrowed a stem in right length, mounted with training wheels and here we go. The bike everyone coming in at Veloshop lifts and wonder how it could be so light. The frame that got me laugh when talking about that the Giant TCR is much sloped with 45,5cm seat tube and then measured my Trek size 50 H2. c-c seattube is 40cm 😉


frameset: Trek Madone 6.2 frameset size 50 H2 (incl brakes, fork, seatpost)

saddle: Tune Komm-Vor

headset: Cane Creek 40 with Extralite Ultrastar and a Tune topcap

stem: Zipp Service Course 120mm at the moment

handlebar: Deda Superleggera

bartape: Trivio white cork

Ergopower+derailleurs: Campagnolo Super Record 09′

Crankset: THM Carbones Clavicula with some small bearing, Cannondale MKV 39t+EP 50t chainrings

pedals: Time Xpresso 8

cassette: Campagnolo Chorus 12-25

chain: Campagnolo Record

wheels: FFWD F2R with DT190 hubs (Planet X rim in front)

QR: Tune DC14

tires: Vittoria Corsa CX

bottle cages: Arundel Mandible

Totalt weight: 5,89kg

okey weight that will go down with the right stem, lighter cassette, lighter tires, lighter QR and hopefully EEbrakes. But will also add 100g with my Mavicwheels.

What do you think? Ok with Trek?

Hope to get many nice rides on this bike, ride like it was 2012 😀

5,65kg SuperSIX EVO



Last time it was together it was supposed to be 5906g. Now it was suppose to be 5,623g so 27g overweight 😉 But feels okey as it’s 80g lighter than my Cannondale Caad10 was 😉 90g lighter with 20mm higher rims, 2 more gears, heavier fork, setback seatpost and better tires that gains some.

My caad10 then:

And with weight: Light and heavy

Today it has the same seat and QR, Tune Komm-Vor+ and Tune U20. And on both bikes Deda Perforated bar tape. This is how the EVO looks:


Lightest bike I’ve owned 🙂

why lower gears?

Discussed with a friend about that a standard 39/53 crankset is better than a compact 34/50 crank even here where it’s many climbs compared to where I lived before. The reason is that the 39 is useful and you can use it even when you’re not climbing. A 34 on compact sucks if it’s not going up, to light no matter which cassette you got.

Thought of that while riding with John A this morning. and when it looked like this



and we headed up to the right a 9,8% climb with John always pedalling fast and easy. Watched my heart rate and it showed 176 in the middle, thought of yesterday sitting and climbing with 177-182 in heart rate for longer. Instead of gearing down I put in an extra gear and pressed on. The bike flew (light front wheel today) up the climb and John dropped. It’s all about knowing that you can do it, trusting your muscles and use them. 🙂 John is still faster overall and up Sædalsringen he dropped me making it so easy. But I’m on my way up 😀

Started the ride in the dark morning waiting for a punctured John in the end of Bryggen:



And ending it watching the sun start to shine from Fjellveien, beautiful place:



Stats and map: Movescount

Around Arna with John again

last time this month I guess I rode around Arna with John this morning before breakfast. Back on the SuperSIX Evo again and felt like home. 1kg lighter, 2,7cm shorter wheelbase, 6cm lower hoods felt perfect. When you hit the pedals the bike flies away and you’re looking for an engine ;). Much snappier than the too big Synapse but not as comfortable and felt a bit softer too. Will the Synapse be perfect in my size?

Except that John who says he’s not in good shape dragged me around all the way and did it good. Don’t know if he was a bit slower today or just me a bit faster as it was easier to hold the wheel. DT190 hubs and Vittoria Evo Corsa CX 21mm feels faster than Vision with ceramic hubs and Schwalbe Ultremo clinchers in size 25mm.

So 1h 46min riding before breakfast way too early. Nice start with okey weather (wet roads but no rain). 155 in average today so 4 lower than tuesday and today I’m back on Strava: todays ride So follow me there, will stop using my gpscomputer and just a simple Suunto T4c for watching and phone with Strava. Fun to see speed and length afterwards but don’t want to stress with it while riding.

bike of the week: SuperSIX Evo

Is there some colour I don’t like it’s black, black and stealth bikes. Like colours like a Mondrian Look, a Lampre Wilier La Roi, Time VXRS World Star Ulteam or why not a Cannondale SuperSIX Evo in replica colours:



So when I got the possibility to get a cheap used SuperSIX Evo frame I wasn’t so slow of changing. Hoped to save some weight too but it’s not a hi-mod so pretty heavy (to be an Evo). But can be good anyway and it’s a frame with nice features that same some weight. Integrated brake wire to rearbrake without housing ends, pretty short housings needed to so saved some weight. PF30 usually saves weight compared to a normal BSA frame but as I want to ride my Campagnolo Super Record crank with Rotor Q-rings it wasn’t that light.

Anyway, got a set of awesome looking and lightweight brakes:

IMAG0584 IMAG0581


Light b-t-p brake shoes. But as you maybe can see I have a heavy weight handlebar. 40cm and 256g, but like it. Super Record rear derailleur with Chorus 12-25 cassette and Record chain (lighter than KMC X11SL)



It’s a bit heavier than my old Sram Red but like Campagnolo so much more. Also got a 11-23 Record cassette if I want to save some weight and ride fast but with the climbs here it’s nice with a 25. Campagnolo Super Record compact crankset with 36/50 Rotor Q-Rings and a Super Record front derailleur. Time Xpresso8 pedals:



And one more on the complete bike, now against the wall:



Thinking of changing the stem for a more suitable after I tried it. And maybe POP-Products spacers in some other colour 😉

Total weight should be 6030g but not all sure as I haven’t hanged it on a scale complete.