wind+bad legs=like tailwind

Was thinking of going out to beautiful Skjelanger today but very windy outside and riding for over 2h back home in headwind wasn’t what my legs wanted. Maybe I will ride out there next sunday. The end is a small great road with great landscape surrounding. Really like to ride out there, only sad thing is that is the same way back home.

Today I rode to Åsane and out the the Nordhordaland bridge before going home a long the coast. Too windy sometimes so don’t think the forecast with 11m/s was so accurate, except the direction. Wind from east so after passing Åsane and going the long ”straight” road to the Nordhordaland bridge was awesome. Riding along with my heaviest gear 38-12 without pushing any limits and felt pretty good for a while. Stopped before Salhus and before my feelings changed too much to take a couple of photos. First the Nordhordaland bridge in the background of my SuperX, northern Europe’s longest floating bridge what I know:



and with me trying my new helmet and being warm in my Assos fuguJack 😉



Then the legs stood straight out, the wind loved me and I had to use my lightest gear more than once on my way back home. But when I came to Eidsvåg and should ride up it was great with tailwind again. Usually want to ride over 20km/h, today I was riding at 26km/h and that with 35mm CX tires with just 3bar in them 🙂

Back home checking Strava I saw that i was faster half a year ago. Rode the same ride at 6 in the morning with my Evo 12min faster. Not extremely much faster with 7-800g lighter bike, 20mm higher rims, 13mm slimmer tires and 12 tooths more on the crank. 😉 (using same cassette). The ride today: Movescount

New CX chainring

Last saturday I complained on a too small chainring on my Cannondale SuperX. 36t is great for XC but not for road cycling. Thanks to that a friend sent me a message if I wanted to buy his 38t. Of course I wanted as that was my plan before but didn’t prioritized it. So today he came by my work with this:



Like 11g heavier than my 36t, or around there. Anyone knows the weight of a 36t XX1 chainring? Will be great no matter for me, make it more usable. We’ll see when I try to ride with the pro’s again. Mounted on my Superbike:


The EVOlution part 2

Bought a set of bottom bracket cups at work today. PF30 to Campagnolo Ultra Torque, not the best solution if you read about adapters and PF30 but I like my Super Record crank so had to try. Cannondale and Campagnolo is always a nice combo too. Some small adjustments and waiting for a seatpost so not finished yet but looks like this:



Looks like the handlebar is huge on the bike when it doesn’t have a seat and seatpost. But just normal Deda Newton Shallow handlebar in size 40 c-c. What do you think about it? change for black hoods? 😉

5912g motivation a.k.a complete Ridley Helium

Missing two endcaps for the brake wires and will change the silver ones on gearwires for red. But except that it’s finished just like it should be. The plan was to build a classy bike with no special weightweenieparts. It didn’t went all perfect but I’m the one who I am 😉 So today my Engage Gavial brakes got their b-t-p brake shoes mounted:

IMAG0527 IMAG0525


182g for a pair of brakes instead of old Super Record at 286g. Will be even lighter when I’m changing brake pads from yellow Swiss Stop to Reynolds that seemed really good 🙂

The things on the bike that helps me prove I’m not just building light is my 256g Deda Newton shallow handlebar, that I changed to Rotor Q-Rings and have just a Chorus 12-25 cassette 😉



So now just waiting for my wound to heal so I can ride again, never wanted to ride a bike like now

The Ridley and a BMC

Starting with a teaser from wrong side. The picture from right side wasn’t that good but here it is:


6,2kg with a little bit to big tires. And dreaming of Campagnolo Record bottle cages, anyone know where to get them for a descent price? Will change pedals, probably stem for a 10mm shorter and then dreaming of a pair of perfect fitting wheels but we’ll see about that.

Saw this lovely BMC today on Weightweenies that I have to show you. Best paintscheme ever made by BMC:


Deda Elemeniti Zero100, Newton and Trentacinque

Excuse me for not showing so many good pictures today but sold my phone earlier so don’t have anything to photo with except my webcam. Looks like this:

Deda Zero100 Servizio Course stem (110mm) with a Deda Newton Shallow (420mm) handlebar. Will get a white Deda perforated handlebartape tomorrow.

Also got a Deda Trentacinque stem (100mm) and Deda M35 Alloy (420mm) handlebar that will go on my Cannondale SuperX. Those in white.


Deda Zero100 110mm stem: 119g

Deda Newton Shallow 420mm handlebar: 256g

Deda Trentacinque (white))100mm stem: 122g

Deda M35 alloy (white) 420mm handlebar: 297g