Spring is coming, I promise

Friends are starting to take out their roadbikes, it’s a pure spring sign 😉 And I’m in mtbmode, so motivated and want to ride more, more and more.

It all started a morning last week when me and Oliwer rode a Camber and after my failing with roadpedals we took the road back to Vivels:


Today it was time for a new try. Candy 2Ti pedals and S-Works XC shoes to keep fails to a minimum. Also got company by John 🙂 Went better and was really fun, and hard for my roadbike arms :p


I’m not as fast as Oliwer or John but it is getting better and better and nailed a couple of tricky parts today that I usually don’t. Really fun and mostly good in the forest here now, some parts of ice but just to take it easy or go around there. Bikes are just getting dusty 😉

Le Peloton tomorrow and then back on mtb, want to get better and faster until the races begins 😀

Map and stats from today: Strava

Gravel deluxe

Sometimes a winter in Sweden can be really hard with snow, ice and really cold. But when it isn’t it’s awesome to enjoy our beautiful landscape in a new way with new and old friends.

Today I joined Christer who I haven’t been riding with since our eastertrip to Belgium. Patrik and Jimmie also joined and some others I don’t know as well. Christer had announced a 90km gravelride on Södertörn south of Stockholm. The place where I rode with Emile and Alexander a while ago where I was dead last without power.

Today with fresh weather, some minus degrees and easier pace with better legs it was just pure fun. Everything was just good and friendly. Except it was a bit too hard for Jimmie, but he survived and maybe was the one enjoying the food afterwards the most. My Diverge felt perfect today too. Only thing that wasn’t perfect was my lobster gloves. Lobsters sucks at everything keeping your hands warm, strange to get good grip around the handlebar, hard to get things out of the jersey pockets and and a little hard to grab your phone with to take good pictures. But here are some by me and the ones with me from a little distance is by Patrik:

Nice with a scarf today too, style is important no matter of time of the year 😉 (except for shoes, wintershoes is awesome even if they do look a bit boring)

Coming home and felt a bit sorry for my bike, S-Works cranks looking as this:


Map and stats from my 5h: Strava