Le Snooze

Christmas party with work yesterday ended with me getting home at 0.30 last night. Was a bit optimistic and sat my alarm for 05.00 to do Le Peloton but when I woke of it I changed my mind. Way to early and changed the alarm for 07.00 to ride a bit before work at least.

Getting up at 7 was hard too but with my mind thinking I would have failed if I just rode to work made it possible. Less than an hour later I was out on my bike meeting all the people driving the cars towards the Stockholm city centre. The weather was grey, the roads wet and my speed was low. But getting some fresh air and time to just be was nice, great energy 🙂


Sometimes it’s just nice to get out on the small easy rides to recover and to set the life standard a bit higher. Happy I had some Specialized Dry-Tech fenders keeping my dry today but as it started to drip a bit before Älta and my windjacket got wet from above I found out I need a good simple rainjacket made for roadbiking, something a bit less bulky and heavy duty then my Poc rainjacket…

Map and stats: Strava

Exploring with Sumo


Was supposed to come a bit of rain during the day today so when Emil talked about a ride in the morning it seemed like a good idea. When he suggested gravel and I could borrow the Diverge I was all in 🙂

Me, Michael, Claes and Emil rode laps today, laps everywhere, some new roads, some old. Mostly in the opposite direction. Should have been easy but Sumo and easy doesn’t go hand in hand. But great tempo today with a lot of fun 😀


Passing the ”ocean”, riding around lakes, taking pictures at ”ocean”:



We finally found the place everyone talks about, Fisksätra:


And of course we rode beautiful gravelroads, enjoying life, in sun and trying to keep up with Michael:


At the end we got a bit more quiet, the tempo went down a bit and we rode up a ”mountain” just because:


Yes, it’s a lake that we rode around in the background…

And yes, we bragged about all this while having ice cream and more or less endless of fika:



All in all Diverge+Sumo=Win

Map and stats if you also want to do laps: Strava

Lightweight Lizard and Speed Lunatic


For the first time on gravel this year I had a lighter bike than Emil 🙂 He on his Ridley X-Trail and me on my Specialized Epic ht, was nice to try it on gravel too. Emil had some more speed as in his nickname Speed Lunatic when it went fast and my 34-11 wasn’t made for going fast. But an 8Kg hardtail with 2,1″ Specialized Fast Trak tires was really fun on gravel too. We had a great morning in the sun watching animals, talking children and discussing #aeroiseverything


Also sat some Personal Records and I got top 10 around Flaten after following Emil over some bridges:


Map and stats: Strava

After we had breakfast the clouds came and the weather turned grey. So happy I got up in time to enjoy the sun this morning with the fastest Sumo.

Epic, Roubaix and Sequoia in a week

Long time since last post, had time to test the fastest mtb I’ve ever sat on, a roadbike with suspension and racing a little cyclocross.

Was in the Netherlands with my colleague Jaime on Wednesday and Thursday for a Tech Class att Specialized Europe


The lunch ride we did on Wednesday we rode mtb and started with trying different settings on our dampers and learning to set them up properly. A thing we should do more and not just accept the standard setting that can be anything. Then we did a longer loop with some fast sections. I borrowed a S-Works Epic FSR World Cup 2017 and it’s a real toy. So agile, so fast and just begs to go faster. Made me get a new maximum heart rate 😉


The day after I rode the opposite bike. A roadbike made for comfort, Roubaix Expert 2017. It’s become a lot more agile than the last Roubaix but it’s not a Tarmac and my legs felt a bit sore since the mtbride.



And yes, the suspension under the stem really works on bad roads (and off road)

And we watched the cool bikes in the showroom like the new S-Works Epic HT and Niki Terpstra’s Roubaix:



Also saw what’s up in the S-Racing department, a real candystore place 😉 including special frames, shoes and helmets…

Back home it was back on my Sequoia. Rode a short loop in wet and boring conditions yesterday that I can’t say so much about. But today I changed to Trigger tires and went for Luciacrossen at Flaten:


Many fast guys and girls, including Jonatan who I was riding with in the Netherlands too so ridden mtb, road and cx together this week 😉 Or maybe not so much together as he won big and lapped me on the 3rd of 4th laps. Didn’t have so good legs or routine in the snow/sand:


But we all had fika afterwards 😀



Before heading back home through the forest. A nice day in the snow:


Maybe more blog posts next week 😉 Pictures from the race of me was taking by Ivar Lane.

Sunday Funday

The forecast said a bit colder and cloudy compared to Saturday, my mind thought about a restday.

Everything changed and it became a great little ride with some great people. Le Mond hangarounds 😉 Changing roads that where good, icy, snowy, wet, dry, fast and slow made it sometimes challenging and sometimes easy. But always fun.

Was an Insta-ride so here’s a lot of pictures from the ride:

Click on a picture to see it bigger. Taken by all of us 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

The sound of discbrakes

The thing you expect from autumn in Sweden is 10°, rain and windy. It hasn’t been like that as this autumn has been supergood until yesterday. And today when I was free it was like expected.

But with my POC rainjacket and my Café du Cycliste rainbibs and legwarmers together with a couple of others it was fun to ride anyway. Met up with Anders and Ingvar at Hammarby Sjöstad and rode away on gravelroads and a little asphalt, epic weather and screaming discbrakes.

DSC_0037 DSC_0040

Me on my Crux, Anders on his GT Grade and Ingvar on a Ridley X-Bow with fenders. A little after these pictures we met a group of triathletes including a friend of mine. Rode different ways as we where headed more south and ended doing a lap around Flatenlake. That track around there was really good on cx. A lot of turns, ups and downs on a small gravelroad. Have to do it more often 🙂 In the end we met Magnus who owns Bonne Mecanique and a friend of his. Many nice people out in the wet today.

Ended with thanking for the company and rode to Le Mond for a sunday coffee. And to meet up with the triathletes who came a bit later:


Great little sundayride where the only two things missing was my Asssaver and waterproof shoecovers 😉

Map and stats: Strava

Have to show this too. Am leading the November MTS Challenge in Sweden on Strava 😀 Don’t think I will keep it all month so have to happy as long as it lasts:

november mts