I’m alive, free day with pro riding

in a good way. Recommendations are riding for more then 5h. No matter if you’re riding with someone or alone you will feel your body afterwards. 🙂 Got free from work today to ride with some friends as we don’t have so much to do at work and strangely my motivation to ride my bike is good at the moment. Weather sucks, it’s wet and dark long time but still want to ride.

So got up early today, went and met the others at 9. And then we rode rode a nice lap around around Meland that I haven’t ridden before. Nice small roads and good pace and people I rode with today. 2 pro’s, 2 elite and me 🙂 Back to Bergen after almost 4h and then I followed the others so Filip rode to work, Espen home, then Dan Erik home and left was me and Stian that wanted to enjoy the weather when we had a day without rain so rode around Nordåsvatnet before he turned home and I hade around half an hour home. Really good tired feeling in the end but got energy to come home and happy with my free day 🙂

But after the ride today, good with SKS Raceblade XL fenders now:

And riding with class, white Sidishoes, nicely protected by shoecovers. Nice difference:

If you want to see where my 130,44km at 5h28min and 2176 altitude meters comes from, you can see it here: TrainingPeaks Meland

The Ridley and a BMC

Starting with a teaser from wrong side. The picture from right side wasn’t that good but here it is:


6,2kg with a little bit to big tires. And dreaming of Campagnolo Record bottle cages, anyone know where to get them for a descent price? Will change pedals, probably stem for a 10mm shorter and then dreaming of a pair of perfect fitting wheels but we’ll see about that.

Saw this lovely BMC today on Weightweenies that I have to show you. Best paintscheme ever made by BMC: