Everything counts

When people talk about loosing weight on a bike many say that 5g isn’t much, better to look at the big weights. But how many wants to change their frame for a Crumpton or Spin? Or how many wants to spend 3000€ on a wheelset that isn’t aero?

I like to save on the small parts to save big. Every gram counts.

Like a crank spider for example for my S-Works crankset. A regular in alu weights 61g:


But changing for an older (the news got a lot more material) carbon spider saves a bit, like 16g:


16g that you don’t think about or notice but it’s still there and it just makes the bike lighter, not worse in any way. 🙂

So right arm before:


And after:


More about my weighsaving on Project16 tomorrow 😀

Specialized Crux Elite ready for Swedens CX Championships

Specialized Crux 2016 got thru axles. 12×100 in front and 12×135 with special SCS (Short ChainStay) rear. A standard that made it almost impossible to find wheels except Roval CLX40 that hasn’t been available yet.

Me and the owner of Tune Sverige solved it all with Tune King and Kong hubs and some grinding. So ready for the Nationals this saturday are my bike:

DSC_1138 DSC_1139

And also Matthias Wengelin’s bike:

12036985_1140029599343874_3320964465005354542_n 12037974_1140029609343873_953025788681185160_n 12065836_1140029626010538_975399941468179535_n

So if you are in Stockholm this weekend. Saturday at Stora Skuggan is the place to be. The biggest CX weekend this year. UCI race on sunday too. And I need all cheering possible 😉