single chainring

Found some pictures yesterday on an earlier racebike. The season 2010 I started with single chainring in front, some different setups for some different races:


The first try, 36t chainring by Experimental Prototype



This was after my best Grenserittet ever. Muddy race but so light and fast bike and worked awesome. 40t chainring. under 7kg.


Before the start of Mera Lera 12h race, muddy single track. 36t chainring again and hated the bike after 2 laps and just wanted to go home. Technical singletrack with a lot of roots. Changed wheels for my other (from first picture) with Tufo XC2 Plus tires and then it was just rock’n’roll with a smile. Awesome racing 🙂 A. Dugast Rhino XL 47mm had too little threads on the side, just in the middle.


This is for Vårgårda mtb. Sold my X.0 and Juicy Ultimate brakes so Juicy 5 and X.5 from the winterbike. The muddiest race ever ridden and so slippery. Was okey and worked well with 36t chainring.

Used 11-32 cassette all the time. For 2013 I’m all in on single chainring. Will be great.