The final lock-out

A remote lock-out doesn’t look good, so I never mounted the one who was included with my fork while waiting for the beautiful knob. Today I got a personal delivery at work from Racing Bike Sweden with The knob.

Took out the remote parts in the fork:

And mounted the nice lock-out and lower compression knob saving 16g 😀

So much better, and tomorrow I will use it on SCS Breakfast Club

1520g for the fork now.

THE camber,

Do I need to say anything more? 10,78kg like you see it including the SWAT multitool, about 600g lighter than my last mtb.

Cut the fork a bit and saved a lot. Here without axle but including starnut:

Just set the dampers and go for a ride tomorrow 😀 Really looking forward too it.

Visions getting real

For every bike I get and build I have a plan. A plan of the perfect bike for my purpose which can differ with time and other bikes. The vision now is to build a light trailbike in weightclass with an Epic for XCracing but still be able to have fun on technical trails and maybe do a Endurorace.

My Camber is starting to take form, today with a borrowed 100mm SID WC fork and here with a borrowed front wheel so I could see how it looked. Will also change the hosing for my frontbrake for a black one. What do you think?

Seems to be around 10,6kg with 2,3″ Ground Control tires. Will get a set of S-Works Fast Track for XCracing later. Those tires will drop almost 300g extra. My first 29er 😉

Bike of the week: Cube Elite Super HPC Race 29

Long time since last bike but got this from a reader:


Frame: CUBE SHPC Carbon 29, stl. 19” 1.100g

Derailleur hanger: CUBE 20g

Headset: FSA top and Extralite lower. 73g

Seatclamp: New Ultimate 7g

Seatpost: New Ultimate EVO Carbon 31,6x410mm 130g

Saddle: CUBE SLT SHPC Carbon, 143mm 122g

BB: Race Face Cinch system BB92 68g

Crank: Race Face Next SL Carbon 383g

Crankarmprotection: Race Face 17g

Chainring: Race Face Direct Mount 34T 70g

Chain: Sram XX/ PC-1091R 252g

Chainguide: Carbon, custom. Alu bolt 24g

Rear derailleur: Sram XX, medium 184g

Trigger: Sram XX 103g

Wire: Jagwire LEK SL Carbonlook. Alu ends 40g
QR 15 axel: WR Compositi, alu 34g

X-12 axle: Syntace, alu 40g

Handlebar: Innolite MF 10 Carbon, 660mm 107g

Stem: Aerozine, alu, 100mm 100g

Grips: Extralite Hyper Grips 11g

Fork: WR Compositi AMT1 29e, Lockout. 100mm. 1.300g

Expander: Mcfk 13g

Topcap: CabonTi, alu bolt 6g

Stemspacers: Sram 2st. 6g

Brakes: Formula R1Racing. (front/183g and rear/198g) 381g

Caliperbolts: Formula orig, 4st. 15g

Rotors: Ashima Ai2, 160mm. 135g/par

Rotorbolts: Ashima alu. 12st. 10g

Wheels: AX Lightness SRT Carbon with Extra Lite Hyper hubs and Sapim CX-Ray spokes. 1067g
Tires: Tub, Tufo XC2 Plus. 1110g
Glue: Vittoria 1st. tub for 2 tires. 15g

Pedals: CrankBrothers Eggbeather 11, titan 183g/pair

Cassette: Sram XX/XG-1099, 11-36T 208g

Chainstayprotections: Custom in plastic 6g

Grease: 20g

Total weight: 7.360g

That is a light bike,

_MG_8762_H.Hjort _MG_8735_H.Hjort _MG_8729_H.Hjort _MG_8706_H.Hjort _MG_8686_H.Hjort _MG_8684_H.Hjort _MG_8683_H.Hjort _MG_8676_H.Hjort _MG_8672_H.Hjort

The preparation for the big day/start of racing season

First race that I will race in tomorrow. So time for preparation and try to seem good when my shape is gone. After yesterdays loss of air and unable to get air in my tire I had to invest today. First time owning a tube in over 2 years 😉 And what a tube I’ve bought on Veloshop:


Didn’t have any super latex tubes and didn’t want to buy a light one as I will use this 26″ tube for 27,5″. So Continental 26 presta it is, getting my bike at least 120g heavier.

But will loose because of my training, not because of my super bike I think so no big worries. 😉 Giant Cup starts tomorrow and I’m on the startlist as number 730 in Men Elite. No other category for me who is under 30 years. So my plan is to keep away from getting lapped.

Giant Cup is a small local Cup here in Norway. Except that is a lot of good riders close to here so big change from the start fields in Continental Cup around Bergen where I lived before. 31 riders in Men Elite. Guess my place?

Next two races in the cup is also the first races of the National XC Cup in Norway starting next week. Exciting and here is a great promotion for it. Are you coming?

Cannondale Flash 27,5″!

It is one thing with just changing parts and put in some bigger wheelset in a Flash 26″ frame but when you grind the paint of, you drill a couple of holes to get the hosing for the rear brake integrated. Then you take of unnecessary wire mounts, direct mount, bottle cage parts and put a thin layer of carbon to cover the holes. Then repainting and you saved weight. That is really cool.

This build can be the best Cannondale I’ve seen:

The boring parts is the seatpost that is some YPY thing, should have got a proper AX-Lightness Europa. The bike is worth it. And the Ryde Edge rims isn’t said to be so good so better with a pair of FRM XMD333 instead. And as always, a Tune Komm-Vor saddle 😉

But the rest then? Best brakes, groupset, crank, lightest Lefty (and good too, not just light) and so on. spec:

Frame: Cannondale Flash Hi Mod 2010 26” taglia M
Fork: Lefty DLR SL opi carbon 2010 110 mm
Crankset: Cannondale hollowgram SL 170 mm, Leonardi 122,5 spindle
Chainring: Carbon Ti integral 34t
Rear Derailleur: Sram xx1 tuned by Alessandro and kcnc 12t pulleys
Cassette: sram xx1
Chain: Kmc 11v
Pedals: Look quartz carbon ti
Front wheels: rim ryde edge 27,5, spokes sapim cx ray, hub tune cannonball SL , 32 holes
Rear wheel: rim ryde edge 27,5, spokes sapim cx ray, hub Carbon ti SL, 32 holes
Tires: Schwalbe racing ralph 27,5 x 2,25 version 2012
Sealing: Caffèlatex: 60 ml/tire
Seatpost: YPY carbon 27,5 x 350
Sadde: Fizik antares 00
Handlebar: Schmolke tlo 680mm x 31,8
Stem: Extralite
Steerer tube: Experimental prototype
Brakes: Formula R1 Racing 2014
Rotors: Ashima Ai2 160/160
Bottle cage: Arundel carbon
Seatclamp: Mt Zoom
Shifter: Sram xx1 Twister
Wire housing: Alligator mini i-link

Total weight: 7,28 Kg

More about the build and modifications of the frame here:

Floating with Fløyen MTB

Around 8° C, great weather with a bit of sun made the ride a bit better. Met up with Fløyen MTB this morning and we where like 8 guys riding out to Smørås where I never been before. A lot of asphalt, some gravel climbs and a wet singletrack climb before some more asphalt and a too hard climb until we came there. Then split in two groups so the fast group went for 2 laps and the slow one for 1 lap. Heard it should be a wide gravelroad with a lot of rocks. But didn’t expect as much as this:

IMG_20131103_111735 IMG_20131103_111753

Climbed a hard climb first but this on the pictures was just a bit too much. Was riding up until a couple of meters behind where my bike is laying on the second picture. But first half of the lap was like this. But my bike was fighting so good that I just had to pedal and steer. Impressed not to puncture with a Rocket Ron in the front an worn down semi slick on the rear. Got great grip, tackle all of it except 2 places. Felt like a dream, or hard dream as my arms and legs was hurting 😉

Then going down the singletrack we climbed on our way there, nice one except when Mikael flew over his handlebar after his front wheel got stuck in deep mud.

The story/ride could have ended there but not today. Went up to Langeskogen and rode the short singletrack there and then the short downhill. My rear tire didn’t have any grip on the rocks but wheelsize and damping fixed it anyway so was just to ride on. The downhill went better than I thought with that bike too.

Fun today too as me and Eirik sprinted randomly all ride, had to do it as John was sick that usually outsprints everyone 😉 Going back home my legs really need a great rest (live CX and a pizza). Great training on a bike that never been better:



Map and stats, with wrong altitude as usual, have to fix my watch. Movescount If you want to follow how I’m riding, follow me on Strava: Jonas on Strava.

And ending with one of the few questions about this bike for next season. Silver or black spokes?

Scalpel 27,5 first ride



Borrowed a rear wheel from John, a Tune Race 2.0 front wheel from another friend so I could try 27,5″ on my Scalpel. Pacenti Quasimoto 2″ rear and Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2,25″ in front. Heavy rear wheel and light front. Looks awesome with this bigger wheels I think, tight racing look.

So how was it then?

Except that I forgot to check the air pressure before did it feel really good. Maybe to heavy gearing or too bad trained legs but except that it felt fast. Was around 1bar in the front tire so really soft but as I only rode on gravel and a short ride it worked but felt like the fork was on when it was locked and braking on the downhill felt a bit sketchy when the rim floats on the tire. Felt like the fork was diving when it was the tire 😉 Rode up Fløyen to Brushytten and down Munkebotn. Picture from a bit over Stoltzekleiven. Tomorrow I will try it more proper. Maybe see if it works great with a slimmer rear tire with lower knobs and more aggressive front tire too.

Map and some graphs from today: Movescount

I nailed the Rock Garden!

What a ride. Thought of riding on Fløyen and got to ride with the best guy in Bergen if you want to train hard, my friend John. When riding with him it’s just to gear up and sprint, if you beat him once he will talk good about you for a very long time. But it’s hard as he is really fast. Had been sick and said he should take it easy today. Dropped me up Fløysvingene with his Rocky Mountain Vertex. I pedaled on in my tempo with 90% in heart rate. Met a common friend on the top so talking a bit before riding for the first singletrack.

Sticks’n’Stones with John is a nightmare as he usually disappears and I have to fight to every root and they are many. But I have trained, looked and learned. Today it was me and my bike fighting together and what a fight. Awesome and even passed John for a bit but he got a better track in the end so passed me. Coming out from the singletrack with 184 in heart rate and so wasted felt pretty good. I can ride hard even in technical terrain so no my techincal skills and physical skills is at the same level. Going up to Brushytten and then burning down. Almost rode out from the road when I found my 10t on the cassette while racing against John. Fast gravel with some parts with some rocks in, just to jump over 😉 Down and then up where John flew away again. He’s fast and my Liteville isn’t the fastest uphill. But coming up and starting Fløyen Rock Garden I thought of following John’s track as he’s much better than me. But in the middle he had to stop and I passed(!). And instead of having problems in the middle the bike worked for me and nailing the that was super fun! All smiles and riding on clouds afterwards, really love to manage new things. Love to letting the bike go and work for me, love knowing that I have control of it, love when it just works. 😀

A small dhtrack to Skomakardiket and then to Stand and deliver. Love that track but some wet roots today made me slow down a bit, my Racing Ralph doesn’t have the best grip on roots laying the wrong way but worked good and stayed on the bike. Down from Fløyen on some nice singletracks where it’s possible to ride and going home.

Home watching the bike:




Stravaride with some great personal records: Strava

And for the interest if you thinking of getting a 27,5″ bike like me. Rock Shox SID XX 100mm Tapered for 9mm QR is pretty light including some plastic:


New week, new forks?

The Fox Talas I earlier borrowed is from now on mine. And then I seemed to have won an auction on Ebay earlier too so seems like I got two forks. Fox Talas 100-140 as a spare and then this Magura TS8 R150 fork:

1675g or something like that. With a 15mm RS Maxle Lite ”QR”. That will be changed for a Carbon-Ti I guess, as they got light ones for a good price with nice colors. Like Tune DC15 but without QRlever so not as easy if you don’t got a 5mm allen key with you.

So upgrading for 1 1/8 steerer and 9mm QR to Tapered 1,5-1 1/8 and 15mm. See if I feel any difference.

The big question is which lower headset I should get. Need a low one from normal 1,5″=49mm to 40mm. Is there any lower then the 12mm Cane Creek 110?