I nailed the Rock Garden!

What a ride. Thought of riding on Fløyen and got to ride with the best guy in Bergen if you want to train hard, my friend John. When riding with him it’s just to gear up and sprint, if you beat him once he will talk good about you for a very long time. But it’s hard as he is really fast. Had been sick and said he should take it easy today. Dropped me up Fløysvingene with his Rocky Mountain Vertex. I pedaled on in my tempo with 90% in heart rate. Met a common friend on the top so talking a bit before riding for the first singletrack.

Sticks’n’Stones with John is a nightmare as he usually disappears and I have to fight to every root and they are many. But I have trained, looked and learned. Today it was me and my bike fighting together and what a fight. Awesome and even passed John for a bit but he got a better track in the end so passed me. Coming out from the singletrack with 184 in heart rate and so wasted felt pretty good. I can ride hard even in technical terrain so no my techincal skills and physical skills is at the same level. Going up to Brushytten and then burning down. Almost rode out from the road when I found my 10t on the cassette while racing against John. Fast gravel with some parts with some rocks in, just to jump over 😉 Down and then up where John flew away again. He’s fast and my Liteville isn’t the fastest uphill. But coming up and starting Fløyen Rock Garden I thought of following John’s track as he’s much better than me. But in the middle he had to stop and I passed(!). And instead of having problems in the middle the bike worked for me and nailing the that was super fun! All smiles and riding on clouds afterwards, really love to manage new things. Love to letting the bike go and work for me, love knowing that I have control of it, love when it just works. 😀

A small dhtrack to Skomakardiket and then to Stand and deliver. Love that track but some wet roots today made me slow down a bit, my Racing Ralph doesn’t have the best grip on roots laying the wrong way but worked good and stayed on the bike. Down from Fløyen on some nice singletracks where it’s possible to ride and going home.

Home watching the bike:




Stravaride with some great personal records: Strava

And for the interest if you thinking of getting a 27,5″ bike like me. Rock Shox SID XX 100mm Tapered for 9mm QR is pretty light including some plastic:


Fløyen AM

When you thinking that 140mm travel is too little and dreaming of a dropper post then you know you’re going down. Rode up to Fløyen today and started with personal record on Stand and Deliver and then even on Sticks’n’Stones in wet condition with some bad choices. Passing Skomakardiket up and instead of riding right up to Brushytten I took left and thought of finding a nice singletrack that I hadn’t ridden before. Started with a pretty tight singletrack with a lot of roots up to a small cabin, some meters after that it was a downhill I didn’t dare to ride:

IMG_20130907_164220 IMG_20130907_164206

Then some nice riding and ended with a steep but rideable part down to Skomakardiket. First time thinking of a dropper post.

Then up again and took a right headed for Brushytten but before the last turns I found a singletrack to the left and tried it. Was very tricky with a lot of roots, stones and some bridges not made for riding on 😉 But came up to this nice place:


Going the other way it was some flowy rocky section first before going down to the walking path again. Dreamt about a Rocky Mountain Altitude 😉 But the bike was working perfect and I maybe got some skills to so enjoyed it and came down without putting a foot down. 🙂 And if you see it on this picture you see some parts of Bergen far far down 🙂 Awesome views sometimes.

Ended with going wrong way so had to do a hard climb where 34-42 was a bit too hard before going down Munkebotn and home again. Great after work ride and the Litevile 301 is an impressive bike.

Stats and map from the ride: Movescount

getting traction

Rode with Leif after work today. Almost 20° C and no rain so got to ride 😀 Started with riding up Fløyen in a softer tempo than John B usually has and into Sticks’n’Stones. A singletrack that goes better and better, need some more speed to get a good flow but my Liteville was awesome. Don’t know when I had such a heavy mtb and such fun last time. Then showed Leif the Stand and Deliver which also feels better and better. (want to ride more mtb)

Up to Brushytten and continued up to Rundemann over 600m over the sealevel to show Leif a tricky track with to much stones that I never would have ridden a year ago. Today the bike had to work and just moved around and steered in what I thought could be a possible place to ride. Down the stones passing Leif that got stopped and later I got a stop in the water passing, hard to see where to ride with water. On the other side the rocks are smaller but a really technical uphill where I impressed Leif even not clearing it all as he did with his Scalpel 29er. Blaims he got bigger wheels, lighter gears (32t xx1 instead of my 34t xx1) and lighter bike 😉 Or he is just better than me, you decide.

Tried a new place to ride but started to get dark we didn’t know where it was leading or if it was rideable so turned around and went down. Down to Stand and Deliver again as Leif thought it was abuse to just ride gravel and asphalt all the way down. Had a hard time in the forrest with dark glasses, took them of but not the best eyes so had to take it easy. Riding down to Fjellveien where I headed home and Leif home to him. Great riding and really fun riding with a friend after work on a mountain seeing the ocean from over 500m on a bike 😀

Stats and map from today: Movescount

As I didn’t take any pictures or recording the beautiful Tune freewheel sound I can share this video from Mike Cotty’s ride in the alps, loong ride with Mavic. Next part of that is released tomorrow:

The new King

Thought of riding alone but got awesome company by my swedish friend John. Said he wasn’t in so good shape so perfect for me as he’s always very fast, especially on singletrack. He was fast today too but showed me how fast you can ride some parts and where to ride. Learning and suffering for me today, perfect after work. And coming home and uploading the ride on Strava I became the new King of Mountain on a climb where I tried to hang up with John 🙂

58min and climbed 518m, great tuesday evening.



More stats and bigger map here: Movescount

Big Cannondale news and ride report

Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod Carbon will come in a disc version! Little more expensive than Synapse Hi-Mod black so thin it will have Sram Red22 hydraulic disc brakes and so on 😀 I want, with Tune/AX-Lightness wheels, Formula brakes, Campagnolo EPS 😀

The question is can you fit a 32mm tire and go cyclocross with a roadbike? 😉

After work today I was supposed to ride with John but he went out an hour earlier than me so all I saw of him was his marks on a trail. Borrowed a 60mm stem to try as we didn’t have any 70mm. Felt pretty nice and a bit stiffer (4ZA Cirrus Pro), it was also a bit lower as the Foxfork I borrowed is pretty short. So put the fork in 100mm, locked it and the rear damper and climbed up Fløyen. Felt pretty slow and had to fight a bit. But when I got up, switched the fork to 140mm and opened it and the rear damper I felt why John and I like the Liteville before. So plush, just eats roots and feels so soft like you have punctured both tires while I still had 1,9bar in them. Just floated over the roots (almost at least) but have to get up some speed on Sticks’n’Stones trail as it’s hard to ride it as slow as I am. Rode up a bit and aimed for Fløyen Rockgarden which is the trickiest trail I’ve tried here, never managed to ride it all. Not today either but only had to step a foot down in the middle as my front wheel was sliding (hard to roll when you brake) and didn’t have it all under control all the time but a big step forward and cool when the bikes soaks up as good as it does.

Down to Stand and deliver that is an awesome singletrack, some roots but great flow with a wide trail first and ending with a really small soft part that is a bit tricky when it’s wet. Here is a couple of pictures from some turns in the middle:


Coming from the top here and turning right down with a lot of slippery roots. 180° around and then like 180° to the left where my bike lays:



Then it goes straight away. Beautiful place to ride.

After this I climbed up to Brushytten and enjoyed the way down to Munkebotn. Wasn’t all sure about how my 160mm rotors would manage it today as it goes a like 330m down in under 10min with a lot of braking. Ashima AiRotor and Formula R1 Racing did it great without any doubts 😀

Stats and map from today: Movescount