Weekend: Up and down for 2nd family

Blame my network connection yesterday evening for not be able to blog. Twitter didn’t even work so really slow. After work yesterday I took my bike and rode to Kvamskogen where my church community was this weekend for getting to know each other better and enjoy God’s creation. The map showed 62,5km from work so not that hard. But my Suunto Ambit stopped at 77,8km including a couple of km wrong. And 1215m climbed, 778 descended.

Even harder as I had my cyclocross bike with 42t single chainring and 12-25 cassette. Minimum speed at around 13km/h for me that made it hard. But riding in Norway in september is magic, can’t do other than recommend it. Starting at the sea, passing mountains, go around an end of a fjord. Climbing up small roads with magic descends. Look at huge waterfalls while climbing a 42 altitude meter climb. And all of this in the autumn with a lot of beautiful colors, even when the weather wasn’t on top.

Map and stats here: Movescount

Late evening, awesome but to little sleep and then after lunch it was time to ride back home. Leaving this place:



Was raining in the morning but God made it awesome when it was time to leave. Riding with style:



With a big road like this on 500m altitude:



Going down from Kvamskogen was much faster than climbing up 😉 But 42-12 isn’t the best gearing so just rolling when I was over 47km/h.

Coming down and turned into a small road, for cyclists that shouldn’t pass the big tunnels. Beautiful landscape, small nice roads:



And great sun. In a valley and then up a climbed named Tveitclimb which I now got the KOM on Strava 😉 Great fighting with 42-25 sometimes and not compact cranks 😉 Down with a lot of tight switchbacks to Tysse and to Bjørkheim where I was back on the main road again. First a climb and the some flat before going up Gullbotn. Was totally smoked on the top but seemed good I heard from some friends that was passing me by car 🙂 Down to Trengereid where I met another rider that was joining me to Ytre Arna. Great with some company and he was pretty strong so got some speed too. I really felt the ride from yesterday and too little rest and of course fighting 42-25 in the climbs.

The last part was a fight and not a very nice one, but as I had been riding there a lot of times before I know every climb and managed to get home not too slow 🙂 2h56min yesterday and 2h39min today. Over 7h training this week and I’m very happy 😀

Map and stats for today: Movescount

Tomorrow I will wash my cyclocross, specially the wheels that I will hang up. And then make it ready for CX. And we’ll see if I can train hard and good. Dreaming of racing CX again, awesome sport.