mtb=Zipp, road=Maserati

It starts to get unusual to find a special bike. Everyone has everything and very few tune their bike old school style. There seems to be an solution to buy for everything. But putting Zipp wheels on a mtb, that’s not so common:

Really cool. High profile on mtb is cool, like my friends Gipiemme he had on his Merida some years ago. I’ve been thinking of the opposite to glue roadtires on a mtbrim but the tires didn’t fit to my AX-Lightness rims I had then.

Another cool bike is this Colnago EPS stripped from paint and painted in Maserati blue and made for Campagnolo Eps. Like made for each other with Colnago EPS and Campagnolo EPS 🙂 7030g:

CX time, Cannondale vs Allebike

Got my bike finished this evening. Not with right tires (or wheels) but ready for riding as my road bike missed its rear derailleur and crankset. Cannondale SuperX <6,3kg:



Also missing a nice chainguide that I’m waiting for a part for. And then less white but still tuned with yellow. Allebike’s new CX with discs at 7,3kg:



1kg more, disc brakes 1×10 Sram without need of chainguide. Yellow paint on the frame that got me in love and proper CXtires. Then the price, we don’t want to know what my bike would cost new so keeps it to the Allebike. With this awesome spec it’s just 22900SEK. Anyone wants to buy a SuperX so I can change? 😉 

IKHP for the win?

Started the day with a coffee with Jönköpings famous Anna who wasn’t feeling perfect so no cycling today. Instead of riding with her I drove up to IKHP and rode some old trails and lovely singletracks. When finding yourself smiling and thinking that why haven’t I ridden here before with Tufo XC4 and a Leftyfork? Rode the 10km trail first and then on some randoms nice singletracks. Something like the best of them and pausing in the skislope to give you a great view of the ride:

IMAG0688 IMAG0687

A bit further away starting the wrong way down I found some flowers and a view:


Huskvarna straight under and Jönköping more away from me at the lake Vättern 🙂 Did a short descend that I never even thought of before, pretty tricky but made it and got another smile. Did go down the hill and climb it up again, not so fast as I got the 35th best time on Strava and felt slower than before. But on the way up 😀

If you want to try to ride the same you got some stats and a maze (called map) here: Movescount

Gravel and asphalt outside Mullsjö

2h 25min today with roads of different types, mostly asphalt but some gravel too. Not the best body or to ride a 100mm full suspension 26″ bike with 36t single chainring. But weather was absolutely awesome and nice without so much traffic too. And to ride roads where you haven’t ridden on for many years (5-6). Also first ride with my new watch. Didn’t want to have a gps computer on the bike to look at all the time and thought just using my old watch but found a Suunto Ambit gps watch so couldn’t resist. Feels simple, you don’t see it all the time but it still got some nice features 🙂

Strava: link

Movescount: link






60mm 980g Leaf spring fork

From Iceland we soon can get this pretty non standard fork. 60mm suspension with 12 carbon blades:

Lighter than a normal fork so maybe the solution for everyone getting a stiff fork for their carbon 29er for gravel marathons.

The brand is Lauf Forks and you can see how it works on this video:

And read more about it here: Bikerumor

Pretty cool and fun to see people thinking new and make it real instead of just an idea.

Cannondale Scalpel Cerrol edition

Finished! Alright, I never finish a bike but now it’s rideable 😉 Special mounting of crankset this evening and then mounting pedals, chain and adjust the gears.


Does anyone have a good tip to get the front derailleur work perfect? Dura-Ace 7900 with FRM chainrings and Sram XX trigger. It touches a bit riding 27-32 at the moment to change gear good. Shouldn’t it be aligned straight or is something not compatible?

Bike complete:


When I said it’s not finished I’m waiting for a better spindle for the crank and in some days I get shorter bolts for my brakes.

8,4kg or 8415g. Will hang it on a scale tomorrow to not just think about the calculated weight.

äntligen Marzocchi

Rock Shox har en grym SID WC, Manitou har en lite lättare och riktigt bra R7 MRD Absolute, Magura har sin älskade Durin och Durin SL, Fox ligger lite efter i vikt men de närmar sig och har riktigt bra rykte. DT’s XC och XRCgafflar är ju riktigt lätta med, har väl haft lite problem men föhoppningsvis är det löst till i år. Men Marzocchi tappade helt när deras Corsa kom och de hängde inte med alls i utvecklingen, vikterna och sponsrade åkare.

Men nu verkar de komma igen. Marzocchi Corsa Superleggera (superlätt) med 100mm slaglängd, vet inte om det kommer en med 80mm för oss som gillar det med. Förstod jag texten rätt så väger den 1412g och då med 240mm styrrör istället för utan som de vägt innan. Förstod jag fel och vikten är utan styrrör så har de fortfarande en bra bit kvar. Till detta komma en lock-out på styret som väger 28g, lättare än Rock Shox men tyngre än Manitou och Maguras.

Hoppas den nu fungerar riktigt bra och de kommer in i toppen igen. Fler märken ger mer konkurrens, mer utveckling och bättre gafflar för oss konsumenter.

(edit: Peter & Erik kom på att jag glömde DT så skrev till det)