Back on the road

After having a cold and not been riding since Tuesday last week today was finally the day 🙂

Met up with Emil and Stefan at 6(!) at Urban Deli this morning and got a hard ride out to Älgö where we had a stop. So Emil could fix his puncture:



I’m trying Garmin’s radar lamp now, it can warn for cars coming from behind but not for punctures:


It felt a bit better after the stop but it was clear I hadn’t been riding properly for a while. It all ended back at Vivels where we had a nice breakfast, I couldn’t resist the cake of the week 😉


Was really nice to be back and even while my Diverge wasn’t the fastest with me on it felt so good:

Map and stats: Strava

And as the weather got better over the day I decided to ride without shoecovers on my way home. Trying a pair of new long socks today, really nice with some color:


Nice to be back on the blog too, even while it’s not about the new Sram Eagle 1×12 groupset.