Cut the feelings, or smile and have fun

Felt really slow today but John said that I wasn’t. Got a couple of good times on Strava and some bad. Rode the standard ride on Fløyen but another way up to Skansemyren, a bit longer. Great weather today so really fun to ride again. Love riding great trails in good weather 😀 We rode pretty close on Sticks’n’Stones too so great action, giving me some memories when me, Andreas, Olsson and Stefan rode mtb in Helsingborg many years ago. Tight fight all ride and so much fun even when the trails there wasn’t that good 😉

So pretty okey on the technical trails, time to think about lines instead of just survive them which is fun. But climbing with a fork without lock-out isn’t that fast. Even thinking of mounting the remote I have sometimes but we’ll see, a proper lock-out lever is ordered but won’t get it until the end of the month I guess.

Map and stats from today: Movescount

Will rest tomorrow and on saturday after work I will ride a planned technical ride, just got to tune my fork a bit until that and it will be awesome 😀 Will also mount my Clavicula crank on my SuperSIX Evo tomorrow, been waiting too long to mount that I think.

Until next post you can watch what’s on my mind: