Swedens XCO Nationals

Some things are more important than others, some mean more than others.

Jenny Rissveds won women elite

Calle Friberg won men elite.

Both very fast riders and good people but even if they rode from everyone else showing how fast it’s possible to ride, even with 27,5″ wheels they aren’t the ones that matters the most today.

Matthias Wengelin who got 3rd place I was more happy about:

And Axel Lindh who came 5th and won U23:

But the best thing today/this weekend is that Alexandra Engen is back:

A person who spreads her joy all over the place and managed to come back after a breakdown. It may be hard to get best in the world but when hitting the wall and have to restart it’s even harder. And still not back, but on a good way. And for this blog it really helps her to have one of the lightest and coolest speced hardtails out there:

This picture by David Söderblom:

The Nationals has started!

I’ve been cycling today but more from that on Strava. And a big thanks to Tommy at Öster Cykel for the bike I’ve borrowed this weekend 🙂

Then the national time. Normally it’s just the National Championships on road now but Denmark and Germany already rode their XCO Nationals too. Annika Langvad got the champion jersey once again:

In Germany Helen Grobert won women elite:


And the coolest german won men elite, Manuel Fumic!


In Norway they started the road Nationals and today it was men U23. Team Joker with a strong team this year too got the first 3 places 🙂 Odd Christian Eiking won in front of Truls Engen Korsæth and Anders Skaarseth:

Would have loved to see that live 😀

International Womens day

No matter how much I write here about women cycling it will only be a small thing that no one notices. It’s strange. Sweden got one of the best women cyclists in the world, always there for the win. But never in Swedish TV, Emma Johansson should be the cyclist to show on TV, don’t have a male cyclist close to her but they even send races without Swedes on TV. Strange.

On mtb we have had a World Champion and World Cup winner. Got two swedes that feels they failed when they missed the podium. But no one knows about Alexandra Engen and Jenny Rissveds except if you’re really into cycling.

I think we should show and share what’s best and the ones who does the best results no matter of gender. It should depend on result, not on gender in sports.

So today I share a video from the XC race today in Amathos on Cyprus where Nathalie Schneitter who I saw win a World Cup in front of her home crowd 4 years ago. Video from Ghost Factory Racing and Lisi Osl:

And let’s make a difference. Every human being is worth the same so let’s treat everyone good and not just one type.

Alexandra Engen, best 2nd year in a row!

Wow, Jolanda Neff outsprinted everyone except one in every heat. Dominated until the final when Alexandra Engen was even faster in the start stressing Neff. Alexandra Engen won!!!



1. Alexandra Engen – SWE

2. Jolanda Neff – SUI

3. Linda Indergand – SUI



In the mens category the biggest was the fastest finding a special line in front of everyone else in the first corner. The Australian Paul van der Ploeg won:


R2 candy like the pros

Imported some quality candy from Germany:



Included was 4 bolts and washers in blue so I didn’t have to have any red bolts on my roadbrakes. Saved 2g was a bonus. Also in the package was the seatpost, not just a seatpost that works. But lightweight high-end seatpost without being extreme (AX2200), an 27,2×260 AX-Lightness Daedalus:



2g lighter than my old Omniracer straight carbon post I used on my Cannondale Caad10. After got an AX-Lightness Europa seatpost for my Scalpel I’m a bit in love with AX-Lightness posts. Feels so well produced and worked perfect on my mtb. Happy R2-bike sent me one with green logos too :D. Looks like this on my SuperSIX Evo:



5906g, can save around 80g changing for my low profile wheels and 60g changing to my Record cassette. But it’s like this I want it. Will get a matching front tire when it comes in stock. Thinking of crank but can’t decide what to have and maybe ”have to” change the wires/housing for something lighter. We’ll see.

But I wrote like the pros and Alexandra Engens Eliminatorbike is finished for the worlds this week in Pietermaritzburg:



Like it looked all year but new is AX-Lightness clincher wheels and Schwalbe Thunder Burt tires instead of tubular Racing Ralph. Let’s cross our fingers, shout and cheer and spread the word of World Championship so everyone can see Alexandra and this bike win her second world title. Will be a Sweden-Switzerland fight so hard that americans probably will think it’s a national race (Sweden=Switzerland in US) 😉 Don’t miss the worlds this weekend!

Andorra day 3 WCstyle

A big day up on the mountain today started at 9 with women u23. Jenny Rissveds had some altitude problems but did her best with a hard start, falling down to 9th and then passing two in the end and end up 7th. Awesome girl



Then women elite with a German win with Sabine Spitz. With riders like Marianne Vos


Lisi Osl that I hoped should do a bit better today


Kathrin Leumann that always seems to ride good



Julie Bresset that started showing that it wasn’t a French day today


Eva Lechner that rode well and got a third place


Jolanda Jeff that got 7th


Maja Wloszczowska that started well but faded


And the favorite that didn’t have the best time before with a cold. Rode good first three laps and then she stepped up showing she knows how to race, ended 7th. Awesome


Ann Berglund came 38th. Her the elite swedes


And then we got the crowd, was better than I thought and cheering for Spain and France they were best on




There men elite was fun but a bit sad as something happened to Absalon in the start so he was last. The Czech Merida rider rode for a long time in the front before Schurter caught him on the last lap and won




Ending with saying that I will write about the cool technical things I’ve seen tomorrow and showing a tired Miguel Martinez


Ulvåsen and some more riding

A lot of cycling now but probably last time this week today. Because I’m going to Spain and then to Andorra for XCO/XCE World Cup 🙂 Will be fun watching but will miss Emil Lindgren.

Today I rode a climb, Ulvåsen which I almost managed, missed by a couple of meters in the end. Really steep and fighting with bad shape in the beginning doesn’t make it easier. But rode some fun really rooty and technical trails afterwards. And dry for once 🙂 Really fun.

IMAG0706 IMAG0707


The first picture shows how it looked sometimes. Great with low pressure and tubular tyres 🙂

Stats and map: Movescount

And when this is published I’m on the way to the airport for looking and fast riders 😀 Say hello if you see me there

National weekend a bit early

The Norwegian and Swiss national Championship is this weekend. Yesterday Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå won Norways XCO National Championship in front of Lene Byberg and Heidi Sandstø


In Switzerland Jolanda Neff became XC Eliminator champion one more year and Marcel Wildhaber in the mens category.

In Belgium Sven Nys won the national XCO title in front of Kevin Pauwels.

In Germany it is the last Bundesliga race this weekend in Saalhausen. Alexandra Engen won the Eliminator yesterday 🙂