Giant Cup, Sram Wireless, New Fork and so on

  • Almost died today. Was racing Giant Cup #8 in Krokstadselva. A area perfect for trail/enduro with gravel uphill and super fun trails down. But today it was XC on trails up and down, thought of quiting after 7min working so hard to come nowhere. Won over my mind and rode all 3 laps. In the end of last lap when I should get off my bike and walk up a climb I fell. My leg didn’t manage to stand and I was to tired to stop the fall. Knew that I did my best at least 😉 Map and stats: Movescount
  • Sram Wireless seems to be on the market soon:  More pictures here: RBR
  • And tomorrow I will order a new fork for my Remedy. First step of getting it a kilogram lighter. Found DT XMM 140 27,5″ at 1570g. But is there a better light fork?
  • Anyone who wants to buy my Fox Float Factory 34, 140mm for 27,5″?
  • Anyone who wants to buy my Trek Madone 6.2?

Giant Cup #7

XC Marathon=Bukkerittet=check

XCO=Giant Cup #7=check


One more part done and the hardest one I think. A really fast course with some small roots and stones today with long straights. like made for Continental Race King tires 😉 Not for my bike, would have been better in Larvik then where the funniest and most technical course of the races in Giant Cup I’ve done.

But the bike worked good and I did as good as I could. My legs stood straight out on the third (last) lap but still got last in my category except one who punctured. Was only one guy after me of the start group. But was there for the training and didn’t expect to do good so happy with that. Great organisation today with start groups and earlier starts than before. Thanks Holmestrand SK for that 😀

No map and stats yet as Movescount doesn’t seems to work this evening and haven’t found any pictures from the race yet. But can show you a nice bike for next year. The new Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt in carbon a.k.a MSL:

More info of them here: Pinkbike

AM bike= All mountain

XC Marathon=Bukkerittet=check



When I got my Trek Remedy 27,5″ I had in mind to have fun on my bike and be able to ride whatever I wanted. Did a marathon race, a really nice one. Tomorrow I will ride a XCO race close to here in the local Giant Cup. The hardest challenge I think as the biggest downside with my Remedy is climbing. It’s both heavy and a bit to relaxed geometry for it.

Aiming for a Enduro race before the season is over too 🙂 In Drammen in middle of september.

Resting day today except the 7km ride to get a nice Team Joker car for tomorrow and a small test so the Remedy works like it should as it was a couple of weeks since I rode it last. Also found some new racetires for it for next year. Tufo XC6. 27,5″x2,2 tubular 😀

2,2″ wide should look okay. Too skinny tires doesn’t suit.

Giant Cup #5

Sunny yesterday and today when should race it began to rain after I left work. But stopped before I even made it to the course. Okey weather, okey temperature, super bike, boring muddy course.

Started on asphalt, continued on a wide trail with sticky mud going slightly uphill for a long time, a break in the middle riding over some very sharp stones where one in my start got a puncture on the first lap. Was some smaller riders who punctured both wheels too. Then a technical climb as it had many small fist sized stones, worthless. a nice singletrack and down to a new steep climb with big rocks so I think everyone walked/ran up there. Some meters rideable and then next rocky climb that wasn’t rideable. A technical downhill which was pretty good and a working uphill before crossing a small river. On to a forest road, of course muddy down with a couple of chicanes before back to the start/finish that was on grass.

Too much sharp small stones, even I thought I had a puncture on the second lap but worked to ride on. On the third lap at the first non rideable climb (for me) I checked the pressure and it was fine, just a flat feeling 🙂 Even if it was faster than last week and my bike worked like it should I missed last weeks course.

5 laps, 10km, 55min for me, the winner won on 37min44sec.

Next race in Konnerud 5th june so not missing any race when I work for Team Joker at Tour of Norway and Tour de Fjords. win-win 🙂 Love racing no matter if I’m mechanic, watching or ride myself (best in that order).

Map and stats from today: Movescount

Giant Cup #4 and Ratto

Today I’ve been and racing. On a course that is natural and was the best course I’ve ridden in a long time 😀 Think green forest on brown dirt singletrack with some rocks, a lot of roots and short but pretty steep climbs and downhills. Add a lot of rain so it get’s really muddy and you have it. Some gravel roads to but perfect amount. Strava segment here: Giant Cup Nanset

Start and finish area: IMG_20140508_180139


Had some small problems with my rear wheel today too and got loose on the second last lap so had to stop. Have to check that on monday after coming home from what hopefully will be a super weekend with Team Joker.

Except that trouble the bike is just amazing. When I moved to Bergen I was just thinking full suspension but for XC hardtail is better for me. 27,5″ is the perfect size so it’s easy to get around turn, lift over things and so on. I’m in charge of the bike, not opposite. The Lefty is a super fork, nothing to add there. Was a guy on the startline with a Scott Spark 29 that said never more hardtail. I think a hardtail is so much simpler and if you want to sprint you don’t have to lock something or to much weight to move. With a set of good big tires you can ride really fast too.

Have learned a lot after riding AM, can ride down steeper things, try to get up hard things and believe so much more in myself. Great training and it’s not strange that Enduro is getting so big.

The race ended like this:


Dirty, tired and after I first thought of what I was doing there in the end of first lap I was pretty satisfied in the end. Passed 3 guys on the last lap too, made my confidence go up 🙂

But my shape isn’t good enough for riding in Men Elite, ended 8th out of 8. The three guys I passed rode in other classes. Map and stats: Movescount

Let’s aim for a better performance next thursday and better weather 😀 Love racing even when I’m not so fast.

One who is fast and really impressed today in U.K. Friend’s Life Women’s Tour is Rossella Ratto. Yesterday she tried with an attack but got caught up. Today she tried again, and won! Not just won the stage but also took the leaders jersey (great for her but said for the fourth standing Emma Johansson). First time on the podium as a stage winner: