Giant TCR Advanced SL Disc

Specialized Tarmac is getting more competition and the development goes forward, love the that the disc brake options is getting more and more 🙂


Discs are for racing, not just ”boring” endurancebikes. Formula 1 cars got super brakes, same is should be for for racebikes.

I like the look of TCR too, a nice frame I noticed when I worked for Team Joker.

This bike gets Flat Mount for discbrakes making it tight and nice. 12x100mm axle in front, 12x142mm axle rear but with short chainstays like before. We’ll see how it works with healclearance… Then standard small Pressfit bottom bracket and Giant’s Overdrive 2 stem/steerer tube.

It comes with Tubeless wheels and tires which is supposed to be fastest on road.

The Norwegian National Road Championships

Have been away from wednesday until today to work at the National Road Championships here in Norway. A event that been both with ups and downs. The downs is about 4th places and the ups about winning.

While I wasn’t there Odd Christian Eiking rode with Bergen CK in Team Time Trial and took a bronze.

On thursday, the big Time Trial day with very late start we hoped for a medal or two with our  Reidar Borgersen and Oskar Svendsen. Top riders and Reidar Borgersen felt the pressure extra as Edvald Boasson Hagen wasn’t there and he started last. With a newly mounted SRM crankset and being on the podium last years he knew what it took. And it couldn’t be better than it became. He WON with 1.12 over the second rider, super fun and that proves that development and aerolove is worth it 😀 Oskar Svendsen got 4th with a great ride.

Friday it was Criterium (why do they have that on Nationals?) and we didn’t have the highest ambitions as we only started with 2 riders. But 2 very good riders and when the race broke into pieces we where there and they did a pretty good race even with Øster Hus-Ridley’s 9 riders showing that they should win and took the hole podium.

Yesterday it was the big day. The day when you see riders like Vegard Breen, Lars Petter Nordhaug, Alexander Kristoff and Vegard Stake Laengen come to Norway for just one race one day. But we had Odd that came 4th last week and Reidar that won on thursday.

One rider that knew the course and was in really good shape, one rider that could put on such pressure that the rest just stops. Add 4 other really good riders that all knew what they are capable of.

Was a really interesting race and good to watch except maybe the last meters. Was a breakaway in the end with Odd Christian Eiking, Vegard Breen, Filip Eidsheim and 2 Øster hus riders. Some attacks, some that didn’t want to sit in the front and a big mess. Before last corner the champ Reidar Borgersen caught them and put up the speed a lot. So it ended in a small sprint without a Team Joker win. But Odd that came 4th last road race ended 3rd and is to be known as #superOdd

1. Tormod Hausken Jacobsen – Team Øster Hus-Ridley

2. Filip Eidsheim – Team

3. Odd Christian Eiking – Team Joker

4. Vegard Breen – Lotto Belisol

5. Frederik Strand Galta – Team Øster Hus-Ridley

6. Reidar Borgersen – Team Joker

Well ridden by the hole team and well raced. A pic from the climb:

Hadeland GP + Ringerike GP

Has been working with Team Joker this weekend and didn’t have motivation or time to blog so much so mostly Twitter/Instagram. But now I’m back home after a good weekend. Saturdays race wasn’t so good for us but it still ended with a 4th place.

1. Rasmus Guldhammar – Team Trefor – Blue Water

2. Lasse Bøchmann – Cult Energy Vital Water

3. Michael Olsson – Team Ringeriks – Kraft

4. Odd Christian Eiking – Team Joker

with a long steep climb to the finish. All results here: Hadeland GP

Today it was Ringerike GP, that Reidar Borgersen from Team Joker won last year. Another race this year and I thought Team Joker did a great job through the race except in the end. Jo in a breakaway with 10 others first, then alone. Edvin and Oscar setting up the race and then Philip helping Kristoffer to get up to the first riders in the Riperbakke climb that they where doing 5 times. Last time Kristoffer Skjerping still looked good in the front:


Odd also in that group that became smaller. Something happened in the last straight and Skjerping who is a really quick sprint didn’t manage to get to the first guys.

1. Magnus Cort Nielsen – Cult Energy Vital Water

2. Sven Erik Bystrøm – Team Öster Hus – Ridley

3. Kristoffer Skjerping – Team Joker

4. Rasmus Mygind – Team Trefor – Blue Water

5. Odd Christian Eiking – Team Joker

All results: Ringerike GP

Summary: Tour de Normandie + Italian racing

Back home in my sofa after a week with racing and a lot of work in sunny France, or at least in the end. Working as a mechanic for a Continental road team is so much more than a normal work. It’s a work making others succeed and all the time thinking of that people should be happy with your work. Top notch Giant bikes should be in top condition everyday no matter if they are crashed, full of dirt or what ever happened in the race that day. Team Joker got a great sponsor this year with Giant Bikes with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 which is a mechanics dream. American Classic wheels with Vittoria Corsa CX 25mm tubulars seems to work very well too.

Then the other important things with a good group working, living, racing and laughing together is really good too. Communication works pretty good, all of us can always be better and everyone seems to aim that way too. Want to be the best no matter if it’s winning races, helping others winning, fixing the bikes, holding it all together or at all different things that have to work on a stage race racing in different places in a country away from home. From the prologue, nice old castletowerpart and racing around:

IMG_20140324_153549 IMG_20140324_153557


Got matching Joker juice at the second hotel:


Super tires that even when getting a hole in so you could see the latex tube sticking out they don’t puncture:



Sunny France with Kristoffer Skjerping got second in a sprint on a stage he crashed at and raced with his sparebike (Giant Propel with mechanical Shimano Dura-ace)

IMG_20140329_145134 IMG_20140329_162013

Great Volvo V70 teamcars:


And ending the hole week with Reidar Borgersen in a breakaway and getting third overall, much better than this picture:


Really thankful and happy to be a part of this team. Everyone are good, but also open to learn more and get better 😀

Better like Sweden’s best cyclist, Emma Johansson that shows how good she are with winning the World Cup race in Trofeo Binda 😀

But don’t think I’m all snowed in at just road cycling, there was some great action in Italy yesterday too. Annual race in Montichiari with standard win for Marco Aurelio Fontana and the up and coming Jolanda Neff:

If Neff continues like this she will pass the world cup podium soon and even impress Nino Schurter 😀 but why the man on the womens podium almost touching Neff’s breast?

Giant TCR Advanced SL weight

A while ago I showed a Giant Propel Advanced SL frame on scale, 1,16kg for the frame and 0,41kg for the fork. Aeroframes usually are a bit heavy so was curious on the TCR today. Never seen any weights of it, all I know is that is the best looking road frame Giant ever produced.

Size M/L fork uncut:



Frame (fork is not in the weight):

IMG_20140303_161924 IMG_20140303_161911


1,08kg for the frame and 0,36kg for the fork. Frame is including the speed/cadence sensor so can save some weight there and the seatmast isn’t cut yet.

The racebikes of Team Joker

Got a couple of nice pictures after we washed the bikes yesterday. Like this on the first two washed bikes, Wilson’s TCR and Borgersen’s Propel with trying pressures and race wheels:


Also fixed Ringheim’s bike so he could try the lower 38mm wheelset the day after (today):


Think they mostly will race on the higher 58mm wheels but we’ll see. Really nice with the 25mm Vittoria Corsa CX on at least, huge tires.

Great training today

For Team Joker. I was just sitting in the car and helping with some small things. Impressed today with the sprints. Not on the very top but very fast and great for the improvement. Was even improvements from the first to the last sprint today. Easier to know what to improve and know what you are good at if you try.
So here’s some pictures from today









And yes. Svein Erik also got some pictures


Tomorrow is my last day here on the island so we will see how it ends 😉

Gran Premi Pabisa Hotel

First race of the season today here on Mallorca. Found some small info about it yesterday evening and saw that the start was just around the corner. Perfect to get some hard training for the riders and to try the new American Classic 58mm racing wheels with 25mm Vittoria Corsa CX tires. Took some time for the sport director this morning but he’s good so went ok. Race should have been started at 9.30 but got started at 10 because of so many late people and commissar. Team Joker sat well in the race and got two riders in the breakaway, Leopard Trek Development Team also had two riders with and the rest of them kept the bunch away. 9 riders in the breakaway in total. Was some attacking in the end and the bunch caught them except two riders. One German riding for Stölting and our Philip Lindau.
The German won but Lindau got a great second place


The other good thing was that Reidar Borgersen attacked away from the peloton and came third


So the best Joker riders of today and the sport director


And of course a podium


Also met a Norwegian friend David Desa who came in the bunch too, he came second in u23 on a race yesterday with more climbing.

So ready for rest day tomorrow 🙂

5h om sunny Mallorca

Was in the car after Team Joker on their training today


Not so warm but nice to see the island a bit more as I never been here before. And interesting to see how different riders ride and sits on the same type of bike. Was in front of them a bit to cheer on too


A second after this the soigneur got wet, funny joking people. And a little earlier this beautiful car past


Nice day. Was some attacks and sprinting too before coming back to where we live. Back at the hotel me and Matt washed all the bikes and checked so everything was fine.

That’s how life goes on here and without any proper internet connection in our room I’m not on internet and reading about cool bikes and new light parts. Back to reality next Thursday.