World Championships TTT

The party has started, Road World Championships 2017 in Bergen, Norway.


Racing superfast on famous places like Bryggen. And beating my Strava times to a basement far away 😉

Todays favourites Boels-Dolmans and BMC didn’t make it, nor did Cervelo-Bigla or Quick Step. Today was the day of Team Sunweb:


The winning team of Floortje Mackaij, Lucinda Brand, Ellen van Dijk, Coryn Rivera, Leah Kirchmann and Sabrina Stultiens.

And as you say: Women first. The men took the same spot and made it Double Sunweb!!!


All results: Procyclingstats

Drammen CX + Enduro World Series Finale Ligure

Raced again today, today with the elite on what seemed to be a great cx course. And it was if you got some better skills. Some steep hills and deep mud in some parts and a loong running climb. Was one of the last in the beginning but not last. Was a guy after me, same guy that I won over yesterday 😉 But we where far behind and got lapped pretty fast. Lapped by half of the field after 40min and felt mostly like I was in the way for the others racing. Stepped of my bike and ended as DNF. Got some training and didn’t have anything in elite to do. They should have a second class in Norway too, like Swedens Superclass. Morten Væng won nicely men elite, women elite was won by Tiril Mohr like yesterday.

map and stats from Svelvik yesterday: Movescount

map and stats from Drammen today: Movescount

And then it has been the final in World Enduro Series today. Jerome Clementz rode with this nice sticker:

Already won the series before this weekend and won this last race too, with 2,7sec. Marco Aurelio Fontana ended 20th as fastest XCracer. Nino Schurter got a penalty of 6min, anyone knows why?

Clementz yesterday:1385622_513812248708352_86794100_n


Euro domination, racing faster than you

This sucks. We can see men’s races in full and live on Sporza or Vier but why can’t we see the womens race when they film it too? Here is highlights from the CX World Cup in Rome, half the womens race. Showing that you can win world cups just by pedalling hard, attacking and then pedal harder. Hoping that it will be the same in Louisville in a month. Marianne Vos for world champion (again)!

Hopefully with a Sanne van Paassen back in top shape like the beginning of the season at the Worlds too, would love it.

Grote Prijs Sven Nys and Women’s Namur

Todays racing wasn’t as good as I hoped for but good anyway. Zdenek Stybar came second:


And you see, 1min 11 seconds after the winner, Kevin Pauwels. That’s hard. Blame routine as Stybar did some mistakes he shouldn’t have done if he was racing cyclocross all season instead of just showing up for a couple of weeks. But love to see him back even if it’s just for now. Last belgian race for him today, just the Czech Championship in 1,5 weeks left for his season.



Results (happy that Niels Albert didn’t caught Stybar even if it was close.

1. Kevin Pauwels – Sunweb-Napoleon Games (new sponsor)

2. Zdenek Stybar – Omega Pharma-Quick Step

3. Niels Albert – BKCP-PowerPlus

And then the nice video from Petitesrennes from the women’s world cup in Namur. He knows how to show how hard and awesome CXracing is. Just change the top of the podium from Katie Compton to Sanne van Paassen and it would be perfect 😉

Women elite World Championship 2012

Went today, finished 5min after my phone lost its reception between some mountains. Hoped for Emma Johansson but my second hope won. A women that know how to race a bike, how to show that she is better than everyone else and not only once. She won the Worlds before on road, she won some CX Worlds, some on Track and latest the Olympic road race.

The winner and worlds best road racing women is: Marianne Vos


She deserves it and I wish I knew her and could gratulate here in real. So impressive.

Jeremy Powers won the first USGP CX in US, don’t know who won the women elite.

The best won! Marianne Vos!

Like I wrote yesterday. There was two people I wanted to win. Emma Johansson ended 3rd in the bunchsprint, okey but it was 3 riders before here. An group with Marianne Vos, Elizabeth Armitstead and Olga Zabelinskaya. Vos started the sprint and Armitstead tried to hang on and pass but couldn’t manage it. GOLD FOR MARIANNE VOS!


Maybe not the best looking cyclist but absolutely the best cyclist on road. A racer than win a sprint, that can attack and win, that can win on a roadrace, on a velodrom and the best, she’s dominating Cyclocross. A complete rider for bikes with drop bars, a rider that tries and wins. No one can complain when a rider like her wins here first Olympic road race. Just to smile and enjoy when the show it on tv that isn’t so usual with womens racing. But hoping for more coming.