Fantoft by the swedes

Me and two swedish friends took a ride after I finished work today. Really nice and even if it had been raining today it was pretty dry in the forrest, was drier than last time I was there so nice 🙂 Rode some laps on the course at Fantoft before a nice downhill singletrack and going back and around a bit on the way home. As usual I had the bike with smallest wheels 😉

Mine and Petters bike with Petter and John:



Petter was the only one with a proper AMhelmet but it has changed now. Got a new MTBhelmet today that I will share with you tomorrow 🙂

Me and John with Tune wheels:



On the way home we rode some on the new pumptrack:



Nice after workride 🙂 Today I felt the big difference too, riding with 700mm handlebar instead of 620mm as I got on my Scalpel is both good and bad. A bit more scared for trees but much more fun to sprint and with better control.

Stats and map of the ride: Movescount