SCS Breakfast Club

New training week and can it start better than with mtb with fast friends? If you had asked me after the ride today I would have sad yes. The flow wasn’t there today. Felt pretty good on the first singletrack and then it became opposite. After the weekends snowing and melting afterwards it was slippery in the forest and I just lost the grip so much I didn’t even try, stopping for smallest thing and just thinking of going straight to work and not ride more. The others where flying and I came lost, found my way back to the others and had planned to say if I found them that I just quit the ride and go straight to work. But I’m a quiet guy sometimes having a hard time to say things and so even today.

I complained on my flow and said I sucked mentally but I continued. The others waited for my and when everything felt like shit they didn’t complain. Thanks, if you read this.

In the end my and Fredrich who rode his Epic today rode a different way to get more flow. Or we thought so and found all the roots in the forest in the same place. But went pretty okey, much better than I expected.

No pauses to photo for me today so just sharing an instamoment getting som great food:

And I seem to be a bit famous in this town. On my way to the meeting point this morning a friend spotted me at a redlight 😉


Me with a white helmet and red vest to the left 🙂

Map and stats today: Movescount