the love of suffering

Every cyclist likes to ride in the sun with good legs and good friends. But riding when it’s 3-6° C outside, wet, all grey and with bad legs is just another thing. To come to a climb with the lightest gear already and you know it will take more then 10min up, pushing and know you suffer more then the others with lighter gear and better legs.

Then pedal as fast as you can and try to be so aero as possible to hang with the others.

Starting to feel the body hurting, your head hanging and energy level looking for energy at places in your body you haven’t heard about. Getting some energy at a short stop knowing when getting up on the bike your body will hate you and everything that should move just feels stiff. Beeing in the front pushing the pace with a strong guy feeling that everything starts to hurt and knowing that there is one climb left. Getting dropped in that climb and then pedaling like an idiot down the other side trying to get to the others.

There is a dream having better legs at those rides. But there is love to do this over and over again. To push the body so much so the bike is the thing that stops you. Not just enjoying the nature and sun but loving cycling. The rides that makes your mind being the one that pushing you instead of blaming and hating you. To use everything you got the best way to do as best as possible.

Coming home with this:

And looking like this:

With a ride like this: TrainingPeaks Gullfjellet Fana elite

Let’s do this again tomorrow, but more to the west 😉