Scalpel or not?

Goes rumurs on a Scalpel 27,5″. And today at work I went a step closer. After mounting a boot on my Lefty I saved 12g from the frame:


Looks like this now:


So cool bike in a way. But maybe a bit to slim handlebar with 600mm AX-Lightness Poseidon. Tubulars is king and getting with cool parts from AX-Lightness, Experimental Prototype and Innolite makes the bike a bit extra. X.0 Triggers gears like a dream with the X.9 type 2 rear derailleur too, almost too good to change. XX1 crankset with 156mm Q-factor thanks to the slim frame.

All in all, a tight racebike with a decent weight:


But should I keep it or do you want to buy it?

The frame including hardware is 1879g, got a fork that works like a dream. Pretty light tubular wheels. A drivetrain that is fast and simple. The only thing that is a bit of a mismatch is the brakes but hopefully they will be changed for a lighter, better looking and better working brakes tomorrow. 😀 Formula R1 Racing, just waiting for a MixxMaster.

What do you say? Should I keep this and convert it to 27,5″, get a wider handlebar and just use it or should I change for a Gasventinove Camus, a Cannondale Flash 26″ converted to 27,5″ or something else?

Anyone that wants to buy a pair of white Elixir 5 brakes with new 160mm rotors, adapters (I think). Brakes not even used for 250km.