New day :)


Ready for the wet commute I got a pair of new waterproof shoe covers. Feels like I’ve tried and worn out some now and we’ll see how long these GripGrab Raceaqua works, felt good. From Cykelkraft

And to get ready for tomorrows 200km I changed bearings in my Roval SLX24 wheels. From regular steel to Enduro Zero Ceramic, black and red is the new:


Rode to work with a pair of Roval CLX40 with hybrid Ceramic Speed bearings inside that spins forever. On my way home with low profile wheels with Roubaix instead of Turbo tires the Zero Ceramic bearings felt a lot smoother. Like when changing from regular hubs to ones with hybrid (just ceramic balls) bearings like in Roval CLX, DT180 and so on. You notice the difference. Now it was one step extra 😀

So my bike got ready for tomorrows sunny ride:


And finally. After buying a new set of cleats last summer in Nice for my Sub6 shoes that I never changed on… Got a pair of S-Works6 shoes that I mounted almost new cleats on then, cleats that broke last week when riding to Torö. Couldn’t sprint as the front broke. But tonight the shoes got new cleats:


As much as I ride I think I have to change more often 😉

Soon racing time


Memories from old and not so old times gets back to you when it’s time to race some awesome races again. The 13th May is it time for the XCM Långa Billingeracet again, didn’t race it last year as I failed but this picture is from 2015. A sunny day where I did a good race and met a lot of old friends and nice people, a day I still remember. Have been riding 30000km since that day, hopefully I will be a bit faster 🙂 And my Epic is a couple of kilos lighter than the Camber was, but with less comfort.

The day after it’s the Nordic XC Championships for Masters and an UCI race for the fast guys in Vårgårda. I did the race latest in 2010. Started in front of the 2016 U23 World Champion Jenny Rissveds:

58334_1606472127193_4426897_n (1)

But she passed me pretty fast in the mud, like most of the others 😉 Thomas Rissveds got another good picture of me then too:

Vårgårda mtb

Looking forward 😀

Le Peloton #89

PR (!) on the CX loop today. Felt good after yesterday and got some great company today:


Jonas and Per in front with me on wheel on the first climb. Then they dropped me… Rode a little alone until Niklas caught me and we rode the rest together. He rode stronger on the climbs and I’m faster on the flats and downhills. Thought of dropping him some times and did a little in a couple of climbs but came back up and thought I would hold will until next climb. Then went in front and kept the pace good. Awesome ride.

In the end I went in front and just pushed all I had, love that feeling when you know how far it is left and you can just push and push even thou it hurts and you’re not that strong normally 😉

59min27sec today. 2min26sec faster than my earlier record from november 😀

Stats: Strava

The roadpeople seemed to have ridden fast too, sadly with a crash in group 3. Ended it all with 2016s first breakfast out in the sun at Le Mond. Breakfast in the sun with friends is a luxury no matter if you’re on a café or home on the balcony. Let’s enjoy the sun as long as it’s here 😀


CX Peloton and the big Plouay

A bike can’t talk but it can give signals. My cx started to collect dust and begged to go out today so announced a gravelride after work but without answers.

Tried the Peloton CXloop for the first time with my own Crux. Last time I did it on a cx it was my boss Crux Pro the 25th March. Today the plan was just to have fun, no higher goals and I succeeded. My Crux feels stiff, fast but also so quiet. Took some pictures for you:

A little after this on the gravel out to Erstavik I found my gears limit, 40-11 was a bit too easy with tailwind. 😀 Around the small lap and then back. Went pretty good with not to big effort. And then I met a guy with orange bartape, could only be one so we stopped and met. Magnus was out training too.

Had a chat that ruined my Le Peloton Stravasegment but was nice in the sun 😀 A reason to ride it again in the sun and try to beat some personal records. Maybe next saturday.

Got a personal record of the little lap out in Erstavik today but a lot segments behind the ride I did in March 😉 Then it wasn’t as dusty as today so better grip then.

Map and stats: Strava

and the important thing today which I’ve missed. Womens last world cup of 2015 in Plouay!

Grand Prix de Plouay-Bretagne was today with a great podium. If you like me was out riding when it was UCI got a replay. Watch and enjoy Emma Johansson beat a World Champion:

Le Peloton #44

Friday again and a new Le Pelotonride. Thought it would be good today as I rested yesterday but so wrong I was. The teamwork didn’t work at all, and instead of looking like this:

I was some people going up in front and then accelerating and not letting the next guy pass. Or when it was a gap in the beginning that I was trying to close people attacked instead of helping me and the others get up again.

But got a photomoment in Fisksätra:

After Sickla and up to Hästhagen I was in the front a bit too long and my legs said stop. Got dropped and got in a group of 4, caught a couple of others a bit later. So we 6 rode together a bit after the 1st group. Heard they had the same problem in the first group with people not going around and letting others come up. Hard life.

But it was a good breakfast at Le Mond:

And as autumn is soon arriving I was using shoecovers today:

Map and stats: Strava

Did have the lungs with me today but not my legs. A place where I had my legs with me was after work when Birjer convinced me to ride a longer way home with him. Easy choice when the weather was like this:

Långa Billingeracet

Thought about blogging yesterday but didn’t have anything to say really. But today I have. Went down to Skövde yesterday with the best team (SCS Racingteam) to race the first race in the Swedish XCM cup today. Långa Billingeracet is my favourite I think as it’s 3 nice climbs up the mountain Billingen, it has some technical singletrack and a lot of flowy trails. A great mix of terrain that makes you just wish to lay down and die in the last climb.

I had some goals today, maybe didn’t mention everyone before but in my mind I always have goals. Have a hard time fight and ride hard when sometimes being alone if I don’t have goals. So today:

Biggest and hardest goal was a Personal Record in time: Time to beat 3h48min.

2nd was to beat an old friend Fredrik Winberg.

3rd was to beat the two fast girls I was travelling with, Jessica and Carolin.

4th was to beat a good customer Johan R who beat me at Lidingöloppet.

Fredrik was like usual before not as good as I am so it was easy. Johan R passed me in the first climb but I had a good pace. Went hard the first 10km and when I was alone on a long gravel section another old friend named Johan G caught me. We rode together for a while and even had time for a chat about where he lived now and so on. (like Billingeracet extra because you meet so many nice friends) He dropped me in the forest a bit later. But then another guy caught me and did a huge job letting me sit on his wheel. Daniel who was raceleader at the National XCO last year and a guy that dropped me many times training with my old club Jönköpings CK. The sad thing was that he flew over his bars in a downhill section and then I was alone again.

Found a good group to ride with and rode together more or less for around 20km which was really good. Including Johan G who lost the group in the end. I passed people and I had learnt that I had to find people and groups to ride with so did some efforts joining people to get the speed up and the effort down. Tried to ride smart, and as fast as I could.

After like 50km my legs started to feel bad, started to think I would get cramps but I held it in schack and rode as fast as I could but not too fast. Enjoyed the trails except the ones with a lot of mud. Felt happy about the sunny weather and that my bike worked perfect.

In the second last climb trying to get one specific wheel I passed a guy that always win over me at Keps Cup earlier this year and it gave me a boost. A boost which I really needed in the last climb called Strupen. It is steap and I never thought I would manage to ride up. But I know how it is to ride on the lowest gear and the feeling of almost not going forward after living in Bergen so I never gave up. I even missed to gear to my lowest gear so rode 34-36 up the climb and seeing the end was maybe the best feeling this year 😀

But failed with the time, 3h51min today but the course is a bit longer than when I rode at 3h48min (2007) and more mud today. Was satisified and it can be a really great cycling year this year 😀

And finish and meeting this guy was awesome deluxe. Axel Lindh from SCS Racing Team won!!! today and he was absolutely worth it. So happy for him:


Men elite:

1. Axel Lindh – SCS Racingteam

2. Mikael Flockhart – CK Norrtälje/

3. Lars Bleckur – Cykloteket Racing Team

Women elite:

1. Emmy Thelberg – Härnösands CK

2. Ivanda Eiduka – Kvänums IF

3. Sandra Backman – Team Rudy Project – Suunto/CKX

4. Cecilia Thomasson – Östersunds CK

5. Jessica Clarén – SCS Racingteam

6. Carolin Holmqvist – SCS Racingteam

Me, I got 37 in Men 30+, would have ended 36th if I had ridden in men elite.

Map and stats: Movescount and all results: Billingeracet 2015

And last but not smallest. My biggest thanks to the guy helping everyone with driving, collection clothes, feeding and so on. Jaime Palou is the man!!!

running for Axel:

the car of the weekend:

How to get stronger

Ride up a hill as fast as you can, and then repeat. That was my plan for this morning. And it almost worked. Rode to Hammarby Hill with a singletrack in the end with a plan riding up 5 times as a friend of mine did last week.

Started easy as I didn’t know how long or steep it really was, ended on over 90% heart rate and easiest gear. Trained on some berms on the way down and up one more time. Felt like shit and almost didn’t make it all the way up (takes around 3,5min for me) so changed my plan from 5 to 4 rides.

3rd time up was a bit better than second and changed back to 5 turns up as I then had done more than half.

4th time was hard but manageable with the motivation that it only was 1 time left.

5th time and last time, that was the turn to push harder. a gear extra and in the middle of the steeper part I changed from 42 to 36 on my cassette and stood up. For a short bit before my lungs came up and I had to sit down again and gear back to 42. Felt like over 190 in heartrate. Dead on top when a met a nice lady who took this picture of me:

Bad sunglasses and a lot of sun. This 2nd picture was a bit better 😉

Nice view from the top. Tried to find another way with more singletrack in the forest on the way down but ended with the same track as I started with. A hard morning with a lot of sweat that hopefully make me a better looking and faster cyclist 😀

Map and stats: Movescount

dropped in a forest

When working in a store winter time in Sweden/Norway makes it hard to find motivation to ride after work. Much easier before work if you got someone to ride with. Yesterday I borrowed a light from work and today Le Peloton was the plan. 1 hour groupride with full speed and a coffee/breakfast at Café Lemond afterwards.

Rode there and joined today, started okey but then it became harder to find the road as the guy in front of me didn’t have proper light and. Johan passed with a good light and my plan today was to ride with him, shouldn’t be to hard I thought. But without knowing corners and not being so strong on the flat sucking gravel/sand roads made it hard after a while. Got dropped and took the wrong way in the middle of nowhere.

Checked my phone, steered towards the traffic and thought of just going home. But took a longer route back to Sickla as I was out training and should do the best out of the situation. Hard to get dropped/lost but it’s easier to learn where you are and how to find roads and get to know this place easier than just follow a wheel.

Back home wet by the mist:

Café du cycliste all the way today 🙂 Really nice.

Map and stats of my ride: Movescount