Fornstigen on mtb


There is the dry part of todays mtb ride. Being back in the forest for the first time since July felt really fun. Was really wet and muddy and I’m not so good at it but still fun and I got some extra confidence with the new Specialized Ground Control tires with Gripton 🙂 got guided by a great couple of friends as I never been there before and it’s always more fun riding with friends 🙂 Not so many pictures as I mostly tried to hold on to my handlebars and get safely over the roots and up the hard short climbs 😉

It was also my first ride on the new Specialized Epic. Borrowed a testbike from work that got a bit dirty…


It may have been better with a Camber or something but I prefer the Epic. It’s a racebike and pushing on the climbs is super fun. Used the rear brain just for transportation today as it was a lot of roots and the damper works better fully open like all do. And there is something going downhill on an epic compared to for example a Stumpjumper with dropper post. It’s great to train on such bike but riding an epic with high saddle makes you feel a bit more skilled 😉

Fornstigen was great, except when I hit a tree in the end with my body, felt like a flipper ball.

Riding mtb in the mud is something different than riding on road or gravel, such a bigger effort for the complete body and I can really feel that now. Was tired after last Sunday’s ride but more tired after today’s ride, and not just my legs but upper body too. Should do this more often 😉

Ended like this at Le Mond:


Empty, so tired I didn’t had the energy to ride my Diverge home after washing the Epic at work afterwards, rode an e-bike instead to be able to get home 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

Winter wonderland


Do you see my tire? With all the snow today we thought it was better riding mtb, so I borrowed a Camber Comp Carbon:


Then met up with some friends who rode everything, a day for all. 1 gravelbike, 1 adventurebike, 1 touringbike, 1 XC bike, 2 Trailbikes, 1 All Mountainbike. A great group of people:


The trails were not rideable at all so rode on gravel, asphalt mostly. Beautiful winter and great temperature too:


Nice on the hardpacked snow and awesome without slush 🙂 The ride: Strava. Ended with a fika and rolled home again on my Sequoia:


Le Peloton #128

Was snowing yesterday evening so when I came to Urban Deli it looked like this today:


And empty. While I was texting Kalle about how many we where Claes came too 🙂 So far never been alone on Le Peloton 😀 We took a groupie of us two Sumo cyclists:


Too much snow in the forrest to ride the CX peloton and a lot of snow everywhere, as Le Peloton is about breakfast we rode around Älta while waiting for Le Mond to open 😉 Was good roads until Älta but worse back to Stockholm city. With awesome skills, Sumo power and smiles we managed to get to Le Mond even before the breakfast was ready. 🙂

And got our well deserved waffles:


Not my hardest ride but best waffles so far this week. If you want to see the ”impressive” ride, watch it here: Strava

As an end of the day and as I got an adventure bike I tried new adventure tires. Specialized Grount Control in 1,9″ or 47mm. Have to try them on some more challenging roads than just cycling paths tomorrow or on friday:


The final lock-out

A remote lock-out doesn’t look good, so I never mounted the one who was included with my fork while waiting for the beautiful knob. Today I got a personal delivery at work from Racing Bike Sweden with The knob.

Took out the remote parts in the fork:

And mounted the nice lock-out and lower compression knob saving 16g 😀

So much better, and tomorrow I will use it on SCS Breakfast Club

1520g for the fork now.