Exploring with Sumo


Was supposed to come a bit of rain during the day today so when Emil talked about a ride in the morning it seemed like a good idea. When he suggested gravel and I could borrow the Diverge I was all in 🙂

Me, Michael, Claes and Emil rode laps today, laps everywhere, some new roads, some old. Mostly in the opposite direction. Should have been easy but Sumo and easy doesn’t go hand in hand. But great tempo today with a lot of fun 😀


Passing the ”ocean”, riding around lakes, taking pictures at ”ocean”:



We finally found the place everyone talks about, Fisksätra:


And of course we rode beautiful gravelroads, enjoying life, in sun and trying to keep up with Michael:


At the end we got a bit more quiet, the tempo went down a bit and we rode up a ”mountain” just because:


Yes, it’s a lake that we rode around in the background…

And yes, we bragged about all this while having ice cream and more or less endless of fika:



All in all Diverge+Sumo=Win

Map and stats if you also want to do laps: Strava

Le Peloton #75

Yesterday I was looking at new products with new people and watched a skiing World Cup both live and on TV at AG Trading.


Poc and Fi’zi:k and the collection for 2016. Poc got my attention with the new Fondo. Check it out here: Poc Fondo

Today it was time for riding again:


Planned to ride the CX-loop but was way to icy so went on road. Felt good when it went up- and downhill with my tubular wheelset with too little air for asphalt but it was hard on the flat parts. Still managed to go up in front sometimes and it was all recorded. Will share a video of some of it as soon as I had time to edit. Feels like the spring is getting closer with dry roads, faster pace and lighter in the mornings 😀

a hard breakfast afterwards of course:


And my last ride in Specialized wintertights and therminal jersey. If you want to buy it or know anyone who wants them write a comment. Will be out for sale after they’ve been washed. Too big for me with small clothes by Specialized 😦

Map and stats from today: Strava

massive attack ride

My plans for this morning was to ride a great ride with Patrik, Oliwer and Alexander. Slow sometimes, fast sometimes becoming a great and funny training season.

I got PR in the first climb, and me and Patrik got dropped. We got up to the others after 4km(!). Rode together a bit and then we got dropped again. and we didn’t see the others the rest of the ride. And Patrik was way behind me. A group ride ending in 3 pieces with a lot of suffering for a pretty bad time.

It didn’t help that the ground was soaking making my wheels not go forward. Many watts today but not so high speed.

but rode in style:


Ended with a breakfast at Vivels and complaining to the two who wasn’t riding today. But all together it was good training, both for my mind and legs. Being dropped and still being able to push hard is an art.

Map and stats: Strava

When fast becomes perfection

As I written before my Camber is awesome,  it’s flying. But there has been one thing, when using the smaller cogs on the cassette there has been a sound like once a lap of the chain. Thought it was a stiff link or something but today after I washed my bike and checked the gears at work I found it. One ring that rolls against the cog and chainring in the chain was broken and lost. That’s why it sounded and felt strange. So instead of a KMC X11 chain I mounted a Sram XX1 chain instead.

All ride with Magnus afterwork the bike worked flawless 😀

Rode a bit on some small not so well used singletracks for a bit more than 20min today before we rode back to Hammarbybacken and Magnus planned 10 1min intervalls with 2min rest. 1min is a odd time, it’s not so short so you can just sprint up nor it’s long so you can find a pace and go at that. Best in the beginning of some intervalls where I stood up and accelerated, feels like my bike just flies, nothing except me who stops it. Let’s just hope my bike will get satisfied with me too going faster and not just me satisfied with it. Love both ways 🙂

Map and stats: Movescount

Rode with my lovely Gelatosocks today. Thought of taking a picture with them and the new chain but missed it. So instead an old picture from last year:

How to get stronger

Ride up a hill as fast as you can, and then repeat. That was my plan for this morning. And it almost worked. Rode to Hammarby Hill with a singletrack in the end with a plan riding up 5 times as a friend of mine did last week.

Started easy as I didn’t know how long or steep it really was, ended on over 90% heart rate and easiest gear. Trained on some berms on the way down and up one more time. Felt like shit and almost didn’t make it all the way up (takes around 3,5min for me) so changed my plan from 5 to 4 rides.

3rd time up was a bit better than second and changed back to 5 turns up as I then had done more than half.

4th time was hard but manageable with the motivation that it only was 1 time left.

5th time and last time, that was the turn to push harder. a gear extra and in the middle of the steeper part I changed from 42 to 36 on my cassette and stood up. For a short bit before my lungs came up and I had to sit down again and gear back to 42. Felt like over 190 in heartrate. Dead on top when a met a nice lady who took this picture of me:

Bad sunglasses and a lot of sun. This 2nd picture was a bit better 😉

Nice view from the top. Tried to find another way with more singletrack in the forest on the way down but ended with the same track as I started with. A hard morning with a lot of sweat that hopefully make me a better looking and faster cyclist 😀

Map and stats: Movescount

Powder cycling

When I lived in Bergen, Norway there wasn’t any proper snow to ride in. When I before that lived in Huskvarna, Sweden I only rode on roads wintertime. Not like today riding with cross country skiers on the same paths and on some really cool snowy trails. Felt all different than usual. Martin showed such skills he missed the photoing so on photo’s I got the fast Patrik:

And Fredrik on his fatbike riding powpow:

Me and Fredrik discussing Patrik’s riding skills:

jan snow1

And me crossing a huge river :p

jan snow2

Really fun and just crashed 3 or 4 times 😉 Slippery underneath the snow but soft to crash.

Also got the years first and hopefully last puncture, strange.

In the end some pictures from the beginning before I met the others. Went up a hill got a couple of pictures of Stockholm:

Not so fast today: Movescount