60mm 980g Leaf spring fork

From Iceland we soon can get this pretty non standard fork. 60mm suspension with 12 carbon blades:

Lighter than a normal fork so maybe the solution for everyone getting a stiff fork for their carbon 29er for gravel marathons.

The brand is Lauf Forks and you can see how it works on this video:

And read more about it here: Bikerumor

Pretty cool and fun to see people thinking new and make it real instead of just an idea.

Save 100g on your Rock Shox SID

If you have on of the newer Rock Shox SID forks you can save around 100g. With an Ultralight cartridge like this:


From Dulight.fr. Used by Jean-Christoph Peraud in La Brasse for example. Made in France. Pre-set Rebound but Lock-out on the go. Be a real weight weenie and tune your bike 🙂