One of the downsides with being home from work too long is that you am checking everything you like on internet twice. And a throwback Tuesday I’m thinking of mtb like this one:


Racing in a speedsuit:


Every cyclist should have a mtb. No matter if you race or just want to get out in the nature. Just going out for an after work ride with friends without stress is so nice. No matter if you got a fast friend and pushing it or not so fast and just enjoying the trails it is something different compared to asphalt or gravel. In Stockholm you can have an average speed of 10km/h in Hellas as it’s pretty technical but it’s great training.

Keep it fun 😀

XC and Sockdoping



Started the day with riding mtb with some friends. Some fast and some technical trails and for the first time mostly hardtails 😉 Except John. Need to get better in finding some fast trails around here 🙂


Ended with coffee and lunch at Le Mond.

Then I took a longer route home to find some small roads on gravel, and wood:


Was a year since I rode down there last time and I got a couple of nice climbs too 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

Today I wore plain pink MB socks in wool. Sometimes it’s the simple that feels right and sometime not. Got a couple of new Gelatosocks so my collection is complete and I have a bigger problem choose socks for tomorrows Le Peloton and race:


😀 Perfect for me as I really love Icecream, and cool cyclingsocks 🙂

Cutting the forest with a scalpel


If I could choose one mtb type I would always choose a XC bike. The smile comes easiest with an agile and light XC bike so when I got the opportunity to borrow a friends Cannondale Scalpel-Si Race it was like a child on Christmas. The Epic ride from the Netherlands was still in my mind 🙂


100mm suspension front and rear, 69,5° head angle, 1×11 Shimano XTR and light stiff Enve wheels.

2nd ride today and felt more like home, and got to ride with these lovely people:


Pure magic and a really fun time. Fredrichs S-Works Stumpjumper FSR may have better damping and it may be easier to go downhill with a Command Post but it’s more fun when you can stand up and the bike fly, wanting you to go faster. When it’s a bit easier trails you feel unbeatable.


Just missing some technic but it’s getting better and better. And maybe some wattage like this guy:


The bad thing with the bike was that going too fast and follow to good guys with thin tires is that you puncture easier. Punctured rear once first and then in the end once again as I used too little air 😦 Now I know why people using thicker casings like Specialized Grid when riding in Hellas :p

A thing with the Scalpel-Si that all started with Cannondale’s F-Si is their Built for XXC geometry. Shorter chainstays, Assymetric chainstays, Slacker head angle and a bit longer reach. Building XC bike more AM but still XC and not more suspension. I can say it works! Going down steep things, riding fast on technical trails is feeling so much safer but they are still super agile and fast when it’s tight and the suspension is just helping you go faster 🙂 The thinking of geometry Specialized also did with the new Epic HT which I’m building, one of the reasons I choose that bike. Like that kind of development much more than I like more gears. dropper posts and more suspension 😉

Did I mention the weather was awesome?


Map and stats: Strava

Wish I could try this bike a bit more. And now looking even more forward to finish my Epic 😀

Le Peloton #117

I can confess that if you can ride later, then it’s easy too sleep a little bit extra and skip Le Peloton at 6.00 😉

5th October was my last Peloton and it felt like ages ago, understand why people think it’s hard to wake up so early. You just have to make it a standard and it won’t feel as early as if you just do it sometimes.


Not as many today but all on cx/mtb so the roadseason seems to be ended 🙂 As I’m not as fast as I want at the moment I tried to be faster with my aero Evade, a Danger speedsuit I got a couple of days ago and aero handlebar…

It didn’t work and I got dropped on the first flat section from the 1st group. Thought of trying one of the shorter loops but I got closer and closer to Karl who was riding the loop for the first time. Caught him just before Erstaviksvägen and same time as my light blinked and indicated 25% left. We rode the golf course loop together but dropped a bit at the long climb back on Erstaviksvägen. And then my light died. It became really dark so was extra happy when we met Claes who dropped his bottle and had turned around to get it.

Rode in front of his light all the way to the adventure course happy to see a bit. Down the Feel like Peter Sagan descend it was a bit scary without a light and just afterwards I rode off the road a bit as I didn’t see it. No crash as it was grass there. Claes got a gap but now it was a bit lighter and I could chase him without making any stupid things and caught him in the end 😀

Happy to have survived when my light died we rolled nicely to Le Mond for great breakfast with the others

Map and stats: Strava

Specialized LEVO

There are things I don’t understand. Electrical mountainbikes is such a thing. Until we got this to work yesterday:


Specialized Turbo LEVO FSR Expert 6Fattie. Specialized’s like long names and like good bikes. It’s a doped Stumpjumper at just 22,9kg with pedals.

So how is it to ride a electrical mtb that is 10kg heavier than usual but with 250W extra up to 25km/h? 

First climb you probably could hear my laughter all over Sickla. 3″ tires with endless of grip and a bike that is just pushing and pushing with suspension eating all big obstacles. Massive is the word. Going downhill felt as regular good FSR bike as long as you didn’t want to jump.

Med up with Fredrich and his Camber:


He rode faster than me on the descents (I haven’t been mtbiking since last summer) but on the climbs I caught him, sitting 😀

Going up on roots, rocks and small obstacles that usually slows you down went without problems. The LEVO is the solution for getting dropped on climbs. Climbs got as flowy as the flats and the geometry made the bike low and stable downhill.


So is the bike just good?

The downsides are if you want to jump over an obstacle it’s heavy, when you loose the grip it’s a lot of weight to stop. It can spin in corners (don’t know if it’s a bad thing or just great fun ;).

But it’s a trailbike with parts made for singletracks and technical cycling. Going on gravel was just boring, you spin out at 25km/h and the bike just feel boring. So keep it on the nice singletracks 😀

A bike for laughter, for training your arms and towards goals you never thought of before.

Maps and some stats (no e-bike segments 😦 Strava

She Rides MTB

Mtb in the rain after work today. Easy riding with a happy group so was fun even when we had to wait a lot. Fun to be good sometimes and not always be the slowest and Specialized Fast Track worked better than I thought in the wet 😉

Mostly of the riders this evening:

In the last part we rode a really muddy section with a lot of laughter 🙂 But Jaime also managed to puncture so here me helping him fixing it (while waiting for a couple of riders):

Fun ride so thanks Jessica for that 😀

Can really recommend Warsaw Cycling‘s Floral Kit. Great Bioracer quality and cool design. 🙂

Back at work we washed some bikes and I changed for a roadbike for tomorrows Le Peloton. Coming from an Epic to a Tarmac made it fun, felt fast and managed to get 3rd on a section 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

Testride: Specialized Fatboy Expert

Really boring weather now with a lot of snow that is melting and more wet snow in the air. Weather that makes a trainer be a good option. But not for me, I borrowed a Specialized Fatboy Expert at work and took it for a spin in the forest with a friend.

My friend Martin rode his Specialized Enduro Expert 29er. Except that the snow was freezing on his pulley wheels his bike was better when it wasn’t as much snow as on the picture above

As it was so much snow we rode some freeriding too 😉 Found a nice downhill and then it was just to step of the bike, it stood by itself in the hard snow 🙂

This may not be such a good picture with a wet camera but shows a lot of snow where the fatbike likes it and got good grip:

It was really cool to try a fatbike in bad conditions and too see people turn around when you meet someone 😉

Map and stats of the nice but not so fast ride: Movescount

Powder cycling

When I lived in Bergen, Norway there wasn’t any proper snow to ride in. When I before that lived in Huskvarna, Sweden I only rode on roads wintertime. Not like today riding with cross country skiers on the same paths and on some really cool snowy trails. Felt all different than usual. Martin showed such skills he missed the photoing so on photo’s I got the fast Patrik:

And Fredrik on his fatbike riding powpow:

Me and Fredrik discussing Patrik’s riding skills:

jan snow1

And me crossing a huge river :p

jan snow2

Really fun and just crashed 3 or 4 times 😉 Slippery underneath the snow but soft to crash.

Also got the years first and hopefully last puncture, strange.

In the end some pictures from the beginning before I met the others. Went up a hill got a couple of pictures of Stockholm:

Not so fast today: Movescount


The trails here in Stockholm is so hard now so if you just keep away from the icy parts it’s super fast and fun. With a bike like Specialized Camber Evo it brings a lot fun too. Thought of the difference between Trek Fuel EX and Specialized Camber Evo today, 120mm full suspension 29″ bikes in the same price range but a big difference. By Trek I liked the Remedy a lot more but from Specialized the Camber feels fun.

Rode with the Kangas brothers today too and while normally be inspired by Patrik’s technical skills Oliwer and Alexander really stepped up a level, really impressive to see how they handle their bikes on the trails. When I see obstacles and problems they find great lines, really smooth.

Then they left back home and we continued, same guys as on sunday but with company by Emil too. Jaime and Patrik:

Lisa, Emil and Jessica:

More ice on some places:

If you want to see where we rode you will find it here: Movescount

Great day and maybe the end of the good winter now as it should come some rain 😦

I also found the frame for me this year, now it’s just to hope it can be bought as it’s normally only available in USA, Specialized Camber S-Works: