Sunday ride with some guiding

Met Gabor from this morning for showing some of the nice roads around Bergen. Thought of around Gullfjellet with some others:

Was like this, then some more and in Indre Arna we met up with more people. Around 20 cyclists in total and not much of order. But good for us that just wanted some sightseeing through the beautiful landscape that surrounds Bergen

In Trengereid it started raining, a lot on the top and down on the other side. Rainjackets was used and missed my asssaver

Then it stopped raining, like usual not the same weather all the time here 😉 Stopped in Os for some energy and it was talked about going up Fanafjellet. I didn’t had the legs but I was a guide so what to do :p. The others didn’t go up but just straight back to Bergen so we said goodbye and turned towards the hard climb. Gabor with easy legs and mine without so much muscles. He smiled, I fought but like to ride so I was pretty happy too 😉

Up Fanafjellet:

Dry roads again as you see and a bit sun sometimes. Great time and my bike really makes everything for me. If I press a little on the pedals it flies, couldn’t have a better bike for climbing 🙂 Down on the other side and easy back to Bergen city with a bit less pressure in my rear tire. Wasn’t all good when I got it and today riding for longer I felt I was loosing air and had to pump it in Os. Will change it for a new good tire, without stans or what it is in my tire.

Back home it started raining 15min after I came in through my door, good timing. Stats and map here: Movescount

And great thanks to Gabor for today, good luck on your climbing vacation in this beautiful country.