I Sliced the wind, or a try at least

I can honestly say that if I were rich I would have a Time Trialbike on my wall, so cool and can be so mean looking in a perfect way. I like problem solving and making a TTbike perfect.

Yesterday I got the question if I wanted to borrow a bike and race tomorrow. Not so often I get the opportunity to borrow a ok fitting great TTbike and there is a race nearby. So said yes and was happy. 🙂 Got it at work today and with some help I sat up the saddle descent, but with a little bit too low handlebar:


Then it was time for some testing. Scariest bike in a very long time, never thought it would be so different, couldn’t go so fast. Down to Saltsjö-Duvnäs with some speed but it felt like I rode faster on my roadbike, out towards Fisksätra and the place to train using those bars proper. Felt like shit first time, had a hard time to sit proper. Like this on the way back:


Second time out it went a bit better and I could hold the bike straight and understand how to do.

Third time there was no problem except with my back and neck 😉

Rode back towards work, on the main road from Nacka Forum where I got a car in front of me. A car that did around 50km/h and I had to keep up, felt awesome to ride so fast and it was even a bit comfortable there for a short period of time. Thought of keeping up with the car instead of everything else.

Specialized say the new Venge ViAS is as aero as a Shiv TT, but now I understand the difference. So much better position on a TT bike that takes aero to another lever. Let’s hope I can go at least a little fast on tomorrows race.

From today: Strava

And the bike without me, a great start of my TT mission:


Wish me luck let’s hope I survive :p

Funk ti-bike and some action from Cape Epic

That is a pretty cool bike. sub 20lbs (9kg). More pictures, spec and comments on it here: Weightweenies

And then the real highlights from this years Absa Cape Epic stage 2 ridden yesterday, hard action:

Cannondale Scalpel 2011

Amerikanerna kan när de får lite hjälp av europeerna.

Lite småuppdateringar till nästa år som Rock Shoxdämpning, mer svart, konstig Cannondalelogga:

Men det kanske bästa är gaffeln. Innan har man behövt köpa något specialtillbehör eller mecka ihop något eget för att ha lock-outen på styret, eller kört med en ELO. Men nu kommer även Lefty med Xloc (och fin styrstam).