New Ciamillo crankset

Mostly known for their brakes but having a crankset 6 years ago. Now they coming with a new one:



448 ±20g for crankset, spider and bottom bracket

BB30 but made a bit longer to use with normal outside cups

Still 149mm Q-factor and possibility to shorten it for just BB30

Customizable armlenghts and spidercolour.

Price: $1100 if you don’t preorder through Weight Weenies.

Will be interesting to see, if it’s hard to set up like their brakes or just fit and forget

Cannondale Scalpel Cerrol edition

Finished! Alright, I never finish a bike but now it’s rideable 😉 Special mounting of crankset this evening and then mounting pedals, chain and adjust the gears.


Does anyone have a good tip to get the front derailleur work perfect? Dura-Ace 7900 with FRM chainrings and Sram XX trigger. It touches a bit riding 27-32 at the moment to change gear good. Shouldn’t it be aligned straight or is something not compatible?

Bike complete:


When I said it’s not finished I’m waiting for a better spindle for the crank and in some days I get shorter bolts for my brakes.

8,4kg or 8415g. Will hang it on a scale tomorrow to not just think about the calculated weight.

light and heavy or: FIRST RIDE sub 6kg

5663g I wrote yesterday. Our scale at work wasn’t as nice as my small scale and showed 5,73kg:

But it’s still light and it made many comments today. But funniest was to ride to work, 1,7kg lighter than the bike I rode last time, 11mm slimmer tires and 5,5bar more in them. And the yellow Swisstop is really good on the FFWDrims. Don’t see any reason to ride with alurims anymore.

After work I rode a small ride to try it more and to get some training. But had to stop to photo it in the sunny lovely weather we have this weekend:

The sea some meters under the road. Lovely to ride here around Bergen. Rode up to Eidsvåg with a maximum heart rate at 186 up a hill. The bike feels fast but the rider isn’t that fast yet 😉

Then up Munkebotn and stopped to show that even if we have really sunny weather it’s still a lot of nice water 🙂

And it’s a bit strange. Have been working with Sram, Shimano and Campagnolo on work all winter. Mostly talk good about how fast and good Sram gears. But riding my bike today wasn’t easy. As I had Campagnolo last year on it I tried to reached for the tumbbutton a couple of times 😉 The gears worked goot except that and you have to show some love to the Recon alucassette when you gear to a easier gear.

We will see how long it works good or when I change to a Sram Red cassette or something good but light.

Ending with a picture when I came home. 41min ride today. More tomorrow with some good friends 😀 Looking forward to compare if my bike just felt fast today or if it is it 😉

riktiga nyheter, Scalpel

Istället för att stå utanför Cannondales ställe och fota, diskutera och fundera över skillnaderna på nya Scalpelen jämfört med årets så passade jag på att fråga mekanikern när vi var där inne. Han sa åt mig att kolla och försöka se det, tänkte då på sadelröret.

Visst hade de bytt det ifrån aluminium till kolfiber. Men det var mer, vevlagerhuset var rejält mycket fetare än innan då de också är i kolfiber sa meken. Kan vara mer skillnader med men det var svårt att ha koll på när jag inte hade den ”gamla” att jämföra med. Lär bli grymt fin för oss konsumenter nästa år tror jag.