Faster SuperSIX Evo

20mm wheels is light but not so fast, at least not for my mind. And as you’ve seen before I got a set of beautiful Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate as a nice upgrader, will do a lot for the speed. At least with the placebo effect. Weight including glue and 22mm Continental Competition tyres:

IMAG0770 IMAG0771

If the tires are 260g/each as Continental says and the glue 30g the wheelset is 1149g 😀 Without the stickers that was 23g.

Nice blue upgrade with a Tune Schruabwürger


Saving 7g. The best weightsaving was my new handlebar, a Deda Superleggera with Dedas RHMbend, saved 76g(!)


And it was as announced, strange for Deda. The wheels are heavier than my FFWD F2R, tires are heavier so altogether a little heavier but much nicer I think, or what do you say for this 6075g bike:



Thinking of a setback seatpost from Engage or AX-Lightness and a new stem but have to try it with the new bar before knowing what I need. What do you think of it?