Lantern Rouge p/b Cykelcafe Le Mond

Maybe the best way to start the cycling week with cafériding Le Mond group. Relaxed and it’s possible to go both hard and easy, everybody are welcome and we always wait for the ones behind if needed. Today it was just Ena, Jimmie and me.

Rode the standard route but with one change, we rode the opposite way 😉 Roads are different the other way, or at least it feels so and you see new things you usually have your back at. Me and Ena:

Ena in front:

and me and Jimmie in our new Le Mond kits behind:

After passing Gustavsberg:

We caught up with Stefan:

Me and Jimmie enjoyed an evening in our cool kits:

Map and stats of the easy ride: Strava


Thought about a thing in the shower, there are many good words in the world of cycling in different languages. Words that can’t be translated straight and keep the good meaning.

Trilletur is Norwegian and meaning an easy ride. That’s what my plan was today after getting my bike that got sent here. 2 restdays and a planned long ride tomorrow.

But its hard to ride easy alone, specially when the road is going up and down all the time and it started to rain. Rode south towards Bottnaryd and planned of riding the same way back as me and Henrik rode last time I was here visiting my dad. A small rode with nice landscape on the sides, in the middle of nowhere:

Up a long climb, or it’s just 2% but keeps on for 4,7km. Never ending. And riding the rode to Apelskift I waited for another climb that I usually think is hard. It never came.

It even after passing Habo church and this road:

And with a wet bike:

Was an okey ride and not cold in the wet. Great to start riding again but I look forward a week of good weather now 🙂 Need to get a better tan 😉

Map and stats from today: Strava

I took a KOM

When riding with people with skills, with Enduro, with Stumpjumper FSR and it says S-Works all over the place. Beating their time with over 10% (5min) feels extra good then, hard to not be motivated by it.

This morning I took my Camber (that is lighter then Enduro, Stumpjumper FSR and those bikes) and rode the one and only SCS Breakfast Club. Without company it wasn’t so many stops. One for a drink and a couple after turning wrong in a couple of places.

The track is both technical and got some gravel sections. Today I just rode, not pushing hard or going slow. The ground was perfect, not to wet, not to dry. Good grip and I had grip where I wanted to have grip. My Specialized Fast Track S-Works tires is better than I first thought, and it’s predictable like Schwalbe Racing Ralph so easy to know.

So a good morning even without company riding baggy style:

My Camber may not be so much used but when I use it I love it. Don’t know a single thing I want to change on it now (except for a Marzocchi rear damper):

And to celebrate the KOM I passed my favorite café in Hammarby Sjöstad, Vivels, and picked up their cake of the week:

Map and stats: Movescount

Specialized Tarmac S-Works or PRO? or an alu Allez?

Weight of a bike isn’t everything but no one can say against that a light bike feels better than a heavy one no matter how you ride. Road bikes can easily be built under 6,8kg so you’re not allowed to race with them but it’s not so many who race.

The source of a bike is the frame so is it worth spending  32000SEK for a frameset instead of like 24000SEK. Or can you go alu at 8-9000SEK?

Specialized S-Works Tarmac with OPQS paint in size 52:

1079g including bottombracket, seatclamp and seatpostdummy.

uncut fork. The seatpostdummy included is this:

framesetweight for S-Works: 1079-27+377=1429g

A Pro frameset with less paint as it’s satin carbon and hyper green:

uncut fork:

lighter fork, heavier frameset. Total: 1182-27+363=1518g

So what about aluminium? Allez in Multi Keyline, here without seatclamp and bottombracket:

uncut fork:

adding bottombracket and seatclamp to compare: 1159+49+22+424=1654g

S-Works: 1429g for 31998SEK

PRO: 1518g for 23998SEK

Allez alu: 1654g for around 9000SEK

If we just watch at the weight it cost a bit. All frames in size 52. 102SEK per saved gram compared an alu Allez with a S-Works Tarmac. That’s a high cost but you get more than just weightsaving. A better feeling bike, a bike that corners better, a bike that is more comfortable and helps you go faster is worth a lot.

But a fun comparsion 🙂

When fast becomes perfection

As I written before my Camber is awesome,  it’s flying. But there has been one thing, when using the smaller cogs on the cassette there has been a sound like once a lap of the chain. Thought it was a stiff link or something but today after I washed my bike and checked the gears at work I found it. One ring that rolls against the cog and chainring in the chain was broken and lost. That’s why it sounded and felt strange. So instead of a KMC X11 chain I mounted a Sram XX1 chain instead.

All ride with Magnus afterwork the bike worked flawless 😀

Rode a bit on some small not so well used singletracks for a bit more than 20min today before we rode back to Hammarbybacken and Magnus planned 10 1min intervalls with 2min rest. 1min is a odd time, it’s not so short so you can just sprint up nor it’s long so you can find a pace and go at that. Best in the beginning of some intervalls where I stood up and accelerated, feels like my bike just flies, nothing except me who stops it. Let’s just hope my bike will get satisfied with me too going faster and not just me satisfied with it. Love both ways 🙂

Map and stats: Movescount

Rode with my lovely Gelatosocks today. Thought of taking a picture with them and the new chain but missed it. So instead an old picture from last year:

When the flow left me

Got this in the mail yesterday:

a Tune Schwarzes Stück to get my Camber in racemode instead of my Specialized Command Post.

Today the plan was to get a pair of Specialized S-Works Fast Trak 2,2″ tires for it too but out of stock at the moment. Thought of Renegade 2,3″ but ended with a set of Fast Trak 2″:

Mounted my AX-Lightness Leaf Plus saddle on the seatpost and changed my left MixxMaster brakelever clamp to a carbon one from b-t-p.

Ended with a Camber at 9,8kg 😀

9,8kg and still ways to make it lighter without loosing performance. Weight is without bottle but including the multi tool.

After I ended work I aimed to try it, feel if there was any difference. Pumped the tires to 1,7bar and went out to ride the SCS Breakfast Club route. Was flying in the beginning and the bike felt a lot faster. Dropping 389g on just the tires explain a lot and so dry outside now I got all the grip I need. And with 116/110mm suspension I don’t need the extra height of a big tire.

It was awesome, sure my shape and the weather was better than last time too. Then in the south end of the route it happened again. Same thing as last time! I rode the wrong way, changed way and wrong again, and didn’t find the right one. My flow was gone and my thoughts of a Strava KOM was blown away. It sucked and I just rode on the gravel road back to civilisation and back to my neighbourhood. But remembered meeting a customer at my local food store a while ago who talked about some trails in Majroskogen which is a forest just behind my house.

Tried it a bit and ende with some slickrock riding:

Many small tracks and some better than others. But finding the flow going over rocks and roots was great 🙂 My bike is like I want too and I have sometimes thought about that I maybe should have got an Epic instead but my Camber got it all. It’s fast but fun and playful. A bike to enjoy and to get better together with. Even missing a Liteville 301 this Specialized Camber is the bike of my dreams now. 😀

Map and stats, now with heart rate too: Movescount