You become good at the things you train on. I’m not good at riding fast for a short period of time, a.k.a. intervals. When everyone is away on vacation I changed my riding plans and joined CK Valhall for their training today. The plan was to ride around Ingarö which felt in the right direction and not so far home if I got dropped.

Last time I rode to Ingarö with Valhall was on a Sunday ride and I got dropped 3(!) times before we reached Ingarö. No success.

Today I started with hitting a rock and puncture before we even left Sickla… Fixed that and the group was going again, was in front for some strange reason a bit. At Lännersta it started to go fast and I tried just to hang on. Went alright when the speed was even but the thing with standing up and cover a small gap wasn’t my cup of tea. Could manage the speed much better than before but without any bigger efforts. After Gustavsberg up to Värmdö Köpcentrum it felt like the speed went up and it became some gaps.

Dropped one wheel, the last group got passed and I couldn’t make the effort to hang on. Dropped…

Gave up and turned around, took a couple of pictures in Gustavsberg and rode home


So not so fast but it went better than last time I rode with Valhall to Ingarö 😉

Map and stats: Strava

Dead end ride

Ended this weeks riding with a ride on Ingarö and to all the big wharfs there. Claes was guide and gathered hours. Mathias tried to get the legs to spin after his ride yesterday. Magnus tried to acclimatize back to Sweden after being in Spain for a week. Peter just wanted to ride. I like variation and riding on a Sunday 😉


Colorfull group, all with white helmets. And strongest today was Magnus:


I wasn’t:


But it was 3 well spent hours on some new roads, some old and with speed. Felt a bit strange to be home finished riding already at 11 but got a lot of time to cheer for Stybar at Le Mond all afternoon 🙂

Map and stats of my ride: Strava

Vaxholm and Ingarö


Joined a group of fast cyclists this morning and went to Vaxholm. First time on my Tarmac this year and it is as good as I remembered, agile is the word.

Sporting my new kit I won on Strava from Warsaw Cycling too. Like Anders said on a mtb ride once it can be good to have one slower with you too keep the tempo down. Today I survived thanks to Petra and it felt a bit smarter too not to ride too fast as when we came to Gustavsberg on the way back we joined another group. Cafecycling Le Mond guys rode to Ingarö and we joined them too, was good weather so should ride a bit further 😉

Petra took a shortcut back to Le Mond and maybe that was the smartest. Out to Ingarö and then the first 10km went over 40km/h. And then we got headwind :p Rode an extra loop before going back to Gustavsberg and the first fika. After the fika we took the longest road back… Last loop around Skuru wasn’t feeling so good but seemed like the others also was a bit tired 😉

Finally back to Le Mond for some food, watching Gent-Wevelgem for a while and having my last cinnamon roll:


Headwind on the way home so 2 PR and a happy tired Jonas 🙂 Awesome start of the roadbike season and so thankful for all my friends helping me to enjoy life 😀

Map and stats: Strava

New road weekend

Last weekend I said in an interview with Skoda Cycling Team that I like to come out and see new places with my cycling.

This weekend just passed I did so. Went out with some friends to discover some nice gravelroads on Ingarö that was too icy last time:

And tried the asphalt down to Eknäs:


Yesterday it was a bit of the same but a different place, new bike and other friends:

Rode from Mullsjö up to Vitared and had a look at Vättern:


Henrik as my guide, friend and so on. Jerker and Sören left home just after the view. Me and Henrik continues on some small gravel roads, sometimes really good and sometimes bad. Some old roads I’ve been riding many years ago and some new to connect them. Passed epic place like Fläskås:


And we enjoyed the best part with riding around Mullsjö. Small roads without traffic in the middle of nowhere:


As I couldn’t bring my bike on the train for yesterdays ride I borrowed a bike. So Thank you Tommy and Öster Cykel for borrowing me a fun Cannondale Slate for the ride:


And to Patrik who I borrowed a couple of pedals from that I forgot 😉

Map and stats from Saturday: Strava

Map and stats from Sunday: Strava

Recovery from yesterday

Last day with sun this week and it was announced an easy ride to take a bath outside Gustavsberg or on Ingarö. Thought that is nice to be outside, want to be better on beachlife. Sit on wheels and get around just so no hard riding 🙂

Started at bikecafé Le Mond with the weeks best espresso and a fresh orange juice:

Then we where 6 riders who left for a bath. Before Gustavsberg Peter (who turned around in Gustavsberg) decided we should ride to Ingarö. And so we did. Rocks is better than sand.

Didn’t sit so much on wheel today but thought I rode pretty easy. Felt good while not pushing to hard 🙂

And at the end of Ingarö we where:

With small clothes on us 😉

Had a fika too of course. But the ”sea” was a bit cold. On the way back we talked about that the announced average speed should have been 27-28km/h but it was over 30 😉 Rode the almost closest way back and felt like a really good day. 🙂 Others thought I was pro today too as I swapped a bottle for a towel on my bike, great place 🙂 This picture by Ena:


Took a little longer way on my way home so I got 100km 😉 Exactly the same average speed as yesterday, a bit funny. 30,05km/h on Movescount.

Map and stats: Strava

Now after seeing the end of Tour de France and looked at Megan Guarnier win todays stage of Giro Rosa I will look at the replays from the XCO World Cup in Lenzerheide. Great with that possibility so I don’t have to be home when the sun is out 😀

An easy sunday ride

Rode with CK Valhall for the first time on roadbikes on a sunday ride today. A lot of strong guys and me:

Rode out to Ingarö to do two race laps there. Was supposed to not go too fast out to Ingarö but it was going too fast for me sometimes. Got dropped for real first time right before Gustavsberg, and then again up the ”climb” after Gustavsberg. Of with legwarmers and gloves in Brunn and started with the others with a plan to go 1 lap and then have a ”fika” with Robin. Got dropped almost really early and did the lap alone.

Today riding a S-Works Roubaix with Sram Red and disc brakes:

With wheels that never stop rolling, ceramic bearings is another world. really stabile bike with awesome brakes. But attacking to reach the others and going fast wasn’t the best, great bike for long nice rides. Like the one I hoped for today.

Back from Brunn me and Robin met Viktor who joined us, had a fika and then rode back to Stockholm. Like this:

Back at Specialized Concept Store where we started I changed bike to my Daily and rode home. Really fun to ride a regular bike but with cycling clothes and real pedals. Got one PR on the way back home 😉

Map and stats from the Roubaix ride: Movescount

My style today, new clubclothes from POC:

Really fun to try the Roubaix and it’s all clear that my next roadbike will have discbrakes.

Early Bird

I know I have a hard time to motivate me to train well after working so today I sat the alarm on 5.00 and did go for a ride before work 🙂 Great now when it’s light outside and no rain today, just a bit of wet roads:

Rode out to Ingarö to try a climb I’ve heard about, sure it was a climb but all I thought of was Salhus and a 100min ride I used to do when I lived in Bergen. Then there was climbs, small but good and many riding along the coast. Check here if you want to see the track wintertime: Movescount

646 altitude meters in under 2h. Today I got 566 in 2h40min. Looking like this:

Map and stats of today: Movescount

The great thing riding in the morning without eating breakfast before (ate a bit while riding) is the taste of my breakfast. Today from Magnus Johanssons bakery with coffee from Johan & Nyström. Perfect energy before I started to work: