The bike that changed my life, Liteville 301 history

Thought of writing a list about 2014 but this is so much more interesting and a bit history.

4th november 2012:

Only used hardtails and Cannondale Scalpel and just XC except a test of a boring Lapierre Zesty. But the 4th november 2014 I borrowed my good friend John’s Liteville 301:

130mm travel rear, 100-140mm in front. 27,5″ and 5 years old. It was super fun and a great bike.

19th april 2013:

Bought John’s frameset for a nice price.

30th july 2013:

Like a true weightweenie I built it light, 10,04kg trailbike:

Didn’t work all perfect so changed some parts after a while and tuned the bike more right.

29th september 2013:

Joined CK Henie for their club championship race and ended 4th, best fs and best 27,5″. Making same times as with a Cannondale Flash Ultimate 29″. My Liteville was fast:

5th november 2013:

Ended at 10,9kg with 150mm fork, Rock Shox Reverb seatpost and a bit other parts:

19th january 2014:

Was some guys from CK Henie that built the best singletrack I’ve ever ridden downhill. Joined them for a training and KOM hunting. Great time:

Then I moved to Tønsberg, sold my Liteville and Scalpel and got a Trek Remedy 9 27,5″:

31st august 2014:

The Remedy had a bit modern frame and geometry but was never as fast as the Liteville, not as snappy.

The Remedy is sold, I’m working at a Specialized Concept Store but can never stop thinking of Liteville 301. Like their Marathon model they presented at Eurobike and is available to buy for 4850€ now.

It’s not in carbon, it’s not the lightest, not cheap, not same wheelsize (29″ front, 27,5″ rear), not a cool brand worth extra, not oversize pressfit bottom bracket. It’s just good. That’s the most important thing that many people misses and just get’s the coolest, best brand, best parts without knowing how it rides. Like saying 29er wheels are too big until you tried a Specialized Enduro 29er.

I wrote a long post about this bike, it always have a place in my heart and it will always be in my mind getting a new bike. Thinking outside the box and really getting the bike that feels right.

10,04kg Liteville

Sad time at work today after I bleed my brakes and adjusted a bit, the bike should be under 10kg, not like this:



But looks awesome anyway:



Took for a little testride after work too. A bit to much air in the fork and a sinking seatpost, except that I think this will be an awesome Bergensbike. Pretty light and a fork that you can sink how much you want with just one press so good for climbing. Single chainring for clean setup, no extra stuff on the bar so pretty clean there too. 650b for better rolling than 26″ and easier than 29″. 120/130mm travel for eating rocks and roots. German engineering to not have to think about it, it just works.

Did my first crash of the season too, slippy roots and had problems riding two places. But the bike saved me some times too, a bit too big rock on one place so jumped a little on the fork and another rock just in the way so had to ride over in on one place. Great 😀 Sram XX1 twisters is almost to easy to shift with, the ball bearings really works but not sure if it is the best, we’ll see. Had some problems with braking on my Scalpel in Sweden with Avid Elixir 5 brakes, today with Formula R1 Racing with Ashima rotors it was perfect, no need to train my fingers 🙂

Stats and map: Movescount

Tomorrow I will ride with some friends with a finetuned bike. Then it’s just to find the perfect air pressure. 2,25″ clinchers with stans is a bit different than tubulars, a bit more careful going down in pressure now.

27.5″/650b for the win

Oldies and youngsters day at the Swedish National XCO Championship today. A lot of racing but only two 650b bikes who won. Tommy Olsson in Men 50 rode (ran over the drop) his Image 27.5″ bike faster than all others in his class:



There are three good ways to do that. Easiest is to run like Tommy on the picture. Second and what everyone thought was the point was riding in the middle like Jenny Rissveds did yesterday:




Also on 650b, Scott-Swisspower you know. Third and fastest way if you know what you’re doing is like Matthias Wengelin did:



Back to today. Men 40 was won by Gunnar Töjren. Men 30 was won by Stefan Persson, 2nd Vilhelm Olsson (both with dropper posts), 3rd Robert Reijer Österling, 4th Samuel Brännlund

stats from my training on the course yesterday: Movescount

Schwalbe tires for 2013

Today I got my nice order from R2-Bike, awesome. Highlight was the new tires. After been using Tufo XC2 and XC2 Plus for three season and a little A. Dugast Rhino XL I wanted to try something new. And softer than the hard tufo tires with better casing than A. Dugast and a better price than FMB. So Schwalbe Racing Ralph it is. Around 100g heavier than the Tufo’s each but maybe it’s good anyway:

First exactly what R2-bike shows and second a bit lighter 😀 So front wheel with tire mounted, not glued yet so just 1068g now:

Will be awesome but had to fight a bit to mount it. Long time since I mounted mtbtubulars last time, sad but true. I also got some blue bolts for my brakes and took them of for a complete accurate weight, but can’t get the bore caps of, have to get a proper tool soon so I can change those. But nice weights including adapters (front and rear) and all bolts. 477g including rotors and bolts for those 😉 and will be lighter.

Todays nice delivery. Yesterday I got new pedals from a friend too but is at my mom so have to wait some weeks for them.

Lightened disc brake adapter

Changed it yesterday but no time to blog about it. Found a new lighter adapter for my rear brake on Weightweenies that came yesterday. Last summer I used a Avid XX adapter:

Not the heaviest but nor the lightest. And when I got an old frame with ISmount I want to minimize the extra weight as far as possible. So the new adapter (same as front):

6 nice grams saved on such a small place. And you don’t see it if you don’t look close. The kind of weightsaving I like. So complete brakes at the moment at 485g including everything, happy. But anyone knows where to get these light carbon fibre clamps for Formula R1? Would be nice to save as much weight as possible when I started. And still waiting on some bolts for them, won’t change the weight, just add more blue. And have to change bore caps to my blue ones. Think I have got a solution as the tool seems impossible to get. Let’s hope 🙂

Or someone who knows where to get a pair of Time Atac XS 12 for a good price? Or Crank Brothers Eggbeater 4Ti or 11?

new rims: AX-Lightness SRT CC

What can I say, living the dream sometimes. Is there any brand cooler than AX-Lightness in cyclingparts? Found a pair of rims on my place at work today from a friend. 229g and 231g it says on them, 463g is shown here:


Nice compare to the XTR965 rim we had at work today, was 428g for one rim.

Got stickers for them too, never used, haven’t decided if I’m gonna put them on or not. And for hubs, always dreamt about Tune Cannonball SL and Prince with it’s carbon fibre flanges but they come at a huge cost. Like 680€ for a pair and 281g, Kong and Cannonball is around 430€ and 297g. What do you say? Will build it up with Sapim Superspoke.

Tuned Lefty, saved 133g

I had a Cannondale Lefty Speed XLR that came with my bike. 1393g including ti-bolts. Then I talked to Headshok-Willy (Larry in Europe) it was possible to change the outer leg to Carbon fibre to save weight. He could do it and after a couple of e-mails I sent my fork to the Netherlands. Then they screwed up and e-mailed wrong person so had to wait almost 3 weeks until they fixed it. But today I got it back 😀 Old leg:

New fork including new needle beerings and a full service. Maybe with Air tuning kit too, haven’t checked.

And then on my scale:

So dropped 133g and became better looking. 😀 Mounted on my nice bike that misses crankarms:

And a picture on the front:

After I mounted the crankarms that should come tomorrow the bike is under 7,3kg 😀 Maybe I should change the forkboot to a nicer one if I find and feels like I have to change rear derailleur. To use a long cage with double or single ring is a bit of a fail. But but, works for now.