Öhlins RXF34 in store in Sweden

Some things are cooler than others. When a company less than 30km from you develops to be best in the world. When they release a fork for mtb, then you know it’s the thing. Even the prototypes have looked good and felt buttersmooth. Öhlins is the company that makes the best suspension in the world and they does it their way. Öhlins RXF34. Through Specialized worldwide:


We got 5 forks to Specialized Concept Store Stockholm today. 29″ with 160mm of travel. Etched graphics as they want to have it their way and not letting people change colours with stickers.

It was said to weight 2,08kg. And what does it weigh, without cutting the steerer:


Pretty accurate. The 15mm axle is 36g so pretty light too.

Many hands on and many pictures was taken:


Next week we will have a Öhlins event with people from Öhlins, sponsored riders and a deal on the forks that not getting bought before ;). Follow: Specialized Concept Store Stockholm on Facebook for more info.

Le Peloton #21

Today was a strange day. Felt pretty okey riding to Urban Deli and meeting the others, around 60(!) riders today, at 6.00:

3 groups as last week and I tried to hang on the 1st one for as long as possible. Had a hard time keeping wheels today after getting a bit afraid after sitting on a wheel of a rider that didn’t ride so well in the beginning. Along the railroad to Saltsjö-Duvnäs called Järnvägspizza on Strava I had a record of 49,1km/h before, today it was 53,7.

Got dropped after a kilometer or two after we turned to Fisksätra and it felt pretty bad. Felt that I didn’t pushed my max but couldn’t push more. Rode in the middle of nowhere up to Fisksätra before catching some guys and the 2nd group came collecting us.

Didn’t feel like it was going so fast in the 2nd group today and many times people didn’t go around and it was just one line.

Ended with my max to the Enskededal sign. Wasn’t satisfied but felt I couldn’t do more. Riding like this back to café Le Mond:

Then the cool thing. at Le Mond we had to put the bikes outside as it was full inside and the que started on the street:

It’s pretty awesome. the breakfast got empty but people where happy and the workers at Le Mond did as good as they could. A social nice end of what should be a fast ride.

Checking Strava and it ended with a lot of PR and speeds that seemed high. It went pretty fast today. Average of over 36km/h even with the roadwork outside Skarpnäck and going a different way. Satisfied seeing it goes faster and faster 😀 Love it

Maps and stats: Movescount