Le Peloton #119

After a lot of snow and then plus degrees the CX loop was a mess. Add a couple of minues degrees and it was time for the short road loop with studs this morning. With the usuals:


It’s a bit fun to see the people now compared to a summer morning. Don’t believe anyone of us thinks about not riding Le Peloton just because it’s dark, cold, icy and wet.

Michael started setting the tempo and I felt like I’m gonna drop at Nacka Forum. But I went up at short turn before Nils came showed us he’s the elite guy. Christian was on my wheel and the other ones rode in a 2nd group behind.

Michael and Nils split the work between them and before Sickla I thought I try to make it to Älta and then take the shortcut. Christian dropped on the Ältaroad as his front light died and he didn’t have so much grip on his rear tire (no studs).

In Älta we turned to Storkällan and I was still on their wheel. Out from Storkällan I took a turn when Michael tried to drop me and Nils. Almost dropped myself. Hung on to Skarpnäck where I took my last turn. Got dropped in the small climb and Michael took the ”sprint”.

Was a long time since I rode that hard with such high heart rate.and I still got plenty left to use. I’m happy to be able to keep up with the fast guys and it feels great to be back riding Le Peloton after my rest 🙂 And I will get strong as I had 122 more studs than Michael and 244 mor than Nils on my bike. It’s not fast but it’s good for training and security :p

We all, except Johan, had an excellent breakfast at Le Mond afterwards and the familiar atmosphere with so few riders is sometimes easier for me than when it’s 60+ riders in the summer.

Map and stats: Strava