Soon racing time


Memories from old and not so old times gets back to you when it’s time to race some awesome races again. The 13th May is it time for the XCM Långa Billingeracet again, didn’t race it last year as I failed but this picture is from 2015. A sunny day where I did a good race and met a lot of old friends and nice people, a day I still remember. Have been riding 30000km since that day, hopefully I will be a bit faster 🙂 And my Epic is a couple of kilos lighter than the Camber was, but with less comfort.

The day after it’s the Nordic XC Championships for Masters and an UCI race for the fast guys in Vårgårda. I did the race latest in 2010. Started in front of the 2016 U23 World Champion Jenny Rissveds:

58334_1606472127193_4426897_n (1)

But she passed me pretty fast in the mud, like most of the others 😉 Thomas Rissveds got another good picture of me then too:

Vårgårda mtb

Looking forward 😀

Jenny Rissveds won the Olympic XCO race

Sweden’s 2nd Gold Medal at the Rio Olympics came from another women, a young one there to learn to be ready for next Olympics. But Jenny Rissveds dropped the favorites and could safely ride to the finish line alone, really nice and well planned race 🙂


Celebrated with cake this evening and she gave her team mate Nino Schurter something to beat tomorrow 😉

Being so young and getting such a big victory may give Jenny high expectations for next year. My expectations for next year is that more watch the awesome races and I can recommend to everyone to travel to a World Cup and give Jenny such support so no matter if she wins or coming 20th she will had an awesome race with such crowd 🙂

Pictures from the weekend

The weekend is over, the racing is over and a big THANK YOU to all the people who made this awesome racing in Stora Skuggan, Stockholm possible! Let’s do all we can to make this event bigger, better and more spread to all the non cyclists too.

Here is some random pictures from women and men elite race and some from the Men 40 yesterday:

The Nationals (cyclocross)

The big day today, my first Nationals and the biggest CX race in Sweden. I felt relaxed but was a bit nervous before the start and I know that I have a hard time pushing myself for a longer time than a sprint. As after the first lap and felt totally dead, had to slow down to survive. But if you look at my times I didn’t slow down so much and took some places as the race went on too.

All thanks to all the cheering! It’s always awesome to hear your name, that someone recognise you and today it was many 😀

So instead of explaining all the 48min I raced with 180 in average heart rate (second highest average I’ve had on a race) where my bike worked flawless and the love of tubulars came back. Instead I will share some pictures from people like Bang:

The winner, Jens Westergren:

And from Camilla:

And ending with a picture from Emil on a wasted me just before the finish. Thinking: Aero is everything:


Map and stats: Strava

After I finished it was time for the fast people, like Jenny Rissveds beating Emma Johansson:


Angelica Edvardsson 3rd. Nice people gathered:


And men elite with Matthias Wengelin winning on Specialized Crux Elite with Tune hubs, nice combo 😉 In front of Calle Friberg and Martin Eriksson:

DSC_1166 (1)

More pictures will come tomorrow. Now I will sleep instead 😉 Good night and hope to see you at Stora Skuggan tomorrow for the SWE Cup and UCI race 🙂

Are you ready for CX Nationals tomorrow?

Last training this morning and trying my new tires. Feels like it was a long time riding CX tubulars but the difference is huge. Took a couple of pictures looking at Järla Sjö:

DSC_1140 DSC_1141

Flower Power today, Floral Kit from Warsaw Cycling and Sako7 flowersocks 😉

Met up with this fast dude. A DHer who both got the skills and speed for CX, will be interesting to see what Alexander Kangas can manage tomorrow:


Rode for an hour and discussed riders and how great it was to ride in the sun with all colours. Will be awesome tomorrow.

Map and stats: Strava

Me and the others in Men 30 starts at 10.30 tomorrow. Women elite 11.30. Men elite 13.15 and Men 40/50 at 14.30

All sent live on Sportway

Welcome to cheer on the slower CK Valhall guy in Men 30 😉 I need it

Swedens XCO Nationals

Some things are more important than others, some mean more than others.

Jenny Rissveds won women elite

Calle Friberg won men elite.

Both very fast riders and good people but even if they rode from everyone else showing how fast it’s possible to ride, even with 27,5″ wheels they aren’t the ones that matters the most today.

Matthias Wengelin who got 3rd place I was more happy about:

And Axel Lindh who came 5th and won U23:

But the best thing today/this weekend is that Alexandra Engen is back:

A person who spreads her joy all over the place and managed to come back after a breakdown. It may be hard to get best in the world but when hitting the wall and have to restart it’s even harder. And still not back, but on a good way. And for this blog it really helps her to have one of the lightest and coolest speced hardtails out there:

This picture by David Söderblom:

New weekend, new bikes?

Merida showed their new Ninety-Six today:

Ghost has showed their new Lector:

And Focus got their Raven Max:

Now without tape but didn’t found a good picture. Cannondale changed the colours from green to orange:

It’s a World Cup hype with new things. Everyone wants to do as BMC who was the first this year to present a new hardtail. The big question is when Cannondale is releasing their new Scalpel? And what about Scott and Specialized, nothing new on the XC scene, except victories? 😉

Jenny Rissveds won the U23 World Cup race in Albstadt today! is the last news from Germany. Really fun 🙂

XCO World Cup 2015 is started

Nove Mesto na Morave in Czech Republic is the venue for the first XCO World Cup this year. Today Women U23 raced and it couldn’t start better. Jenny Rissveds won:

11263034_987474171263333_336868345551316860_o 11313123_987474187929998_7592765520208473792_o

1. Jenny Rissveds – Scott-Odlo MTB Racing Team

2. Margot Moschetti – Superior Bart Brentjens MTB Racing Team

3. Kate Courtney – Specialized Racing

More about it and results available here: UCI.

Men U23 at 9.00 tomorrow

Women Elite at 11.00

Men Elite at 14.15