301 enduro


Thinking of getting a set of 26″ wheels from my Liteville 301 for next year. With some wider tires more made for grip compared to my 2,25″ Racing Ralph. And as I like Mavic and yellow I found Mavic Crossmax Enduro WTS wheelset

Looked at Crossmax ST first but 19c rims so felt a bit slim, then looked at Crossmax SX with 21c inner dimension and in white. A little heavier, a lot more white and seemed nice. Then looked at this wheels, Crossmax Enduro which is both more yellow and lighter than Crossmax SX. Like an SX rim on the front with 2,4″ tire and ST rim on the rear with a 2,3″ tire. Anyone know where to get a pair cheap?

A video about them:

And the press release: