She Rides weekend

You know when you have a weekend with a lot of biking planned and you start to loose the grip on a slippery grass corner and get a bit less skin on your hip? Then it’s good to not be alone and just feel sorry for yourself and instead enjoying to ride a bike with a beautiful girl like this:


and as a tribute to the day before I had Le Mond kit and we ended the ride with a coffee at bikecafé Le Mond:


Then we left for Rönneberga on Lidingö for a weekend planning the bright future of She Rides which is a great community for women cyclists in Sweden. Rode some mtb together too:


DSC_1096 DSC_1098

had a nice view:


and I used my new cool shoes I got from David, Patrik and Lisa in birthday present 🙂


After a nice sleep and some good breakfast and to learn about Prehab and Rehab from Access Rehab it was time for riding again. Today I got a bike in my size and a full suspension, Scott Spark 27,5″:

DSC_1104 DSC_1106 DSC_1110 12138555_10153077729357204_6129487312771882651_o 12074727_10153641592288427_3399057059350274689_n

Fun to try and haven’t ridden 27,5″ all year, felt small. Met the big guys (Johnnie and Andreas) and I got to try a 29+ Trek Stache a little, that’s big:

DSC_1109 DSC_1108

Great weekend with great people and a lot of fun 🙂 Specially to Jessica and Jaime:


Went back to Stockholm and packed and changed clothes to get the best end of the weekend. Was out with some friends and ate dinner together, Niklas missing in this blurry picture but thanks to Rille, Camilla and Linda and Niklas 🙂


She Rides MTB

Mtb in the rain after work today. Easy riding with a happy group so was fun even when we had to wait a lot. Fun to be good sometimes and not always be the slowest and Specialized Fast Track worked better than I thought in the wet 😉

Mostly of the riders this evening:

In the last part we rode a really muddy section with a lot of laughter 🙂 But Jaime also managed to puncture so here me helping him fixing it (while waiting for a couple of riders):

Fun ride so thanks Jessica for that 😀

Can really recommend Warsaw Cycling‘s Floral Kit. Great Bioracer quality and cool design. 🙂

Back at work we washed some bikes and I changed for a roadbike for tomorrows Le Peloton. Coming from an Epic to a Tarmac made it fun, felt fast and managed to get 3rd on a section 🙂

Map and stats: Strava

The day of: She Rides

She Rides is a women community for cyclists by Annie Söderberg and Jessica Clarén. Today they had an event in Stockholm and I got borrowed in for some help. Gathered first for a road ride.

Here a bit of waiting after a chainproblem:

A bit later, not so often so many sits on my wheel 😉

Rode the Le Peloton loop and as it is we ended at bikecafé Le Mond for a fika afterwards:

After some shopping at Specialized Concept Store Stockholm, and some mechanical fixing it was time for the second ride. MTB and with Annie instead of Jaime. Nice ride:

Thought of taking a selfie and include some riders but only included my arm holding in a tree 😉

Ended with a group picture taking by the other Jonas:

A thing I thought of riding mtb with most of the women riding pretty simple hardtails, think they would have so much fun on a bike like a Specialized Rumor or other great full suspension mtb.

A long but great day in the sun. Even got some colour on my legs, got some good genes from my father I think. 😀

the bikemood

Bikes can get you in a certain mood. Take commuters for example, if you’re on a hybrid with fast gears and flat bar you go pretty fast and want to pass all slow bikeriders and pedestrians, sometimes pass red redlights. An older women/man on a standard bike never does that, they just cruise and doesn’t harm anyone.

The bike that got me thinking of this is the Specialized Era. The womens bike for rides who want to race as fast as possible on a mtb. Like Annika Langvad. But there are 2 riders that I think of. The most smiling person I know in Stockholm and the only one I know riding an Era, Jessica Claren:

And the other one is cyclocrossrider who started to ride and compete a lot on mtb too, mostly stage races. Sanne van Paassen:

Both are always smiling, both are riding Specialized Era (both Specialized Crux too but not the point).

How is with your bikemood? Are you a mirror of your bike or why not?

The winners: Kristoff and me

Alexander Kristoff did it again, watch the final kilometers and see how close Peter Sagan was:

With the always cool Luca Paolini who I got the same shoes as 🙂

Specialized S-Works 😀

So Alexander Kristoff won today and I got a price yesterday. Was in a competition at Jessica Claren’s blog in december and won these Oakley Radarlock:

🙂 looks really good and will suit my clubkit perfect 😀

winterride deluxe

Sure, summer with dry roads and warm weather is the best but a sunny snowy winter isn’t that bad 😉

Today me, Jessica and Jaime went out with Marika and Majken for a snowy mtbride. Marika and Majken rode alone as they thought it was better so me, Jessica and Jaime rode together the rest. A lot of XCskiers close to Hellas but when we came away from that it was pretty awesome. Super snowy gravelroads and some pretty nice singletracks at the sea. Not all so flat and big and easy rideable like here when we had to stop in the sun for a picture or two:

And me (notice the horse):

It was cyclists, walking people, XCskiers and horses out on the roads today. Testrode an Specialized Epic Comp Carbon too. It’s quiet a difference between that and a Camber Evo but for today the Epic was better. Pretty nice with a Brain damper too and not have to think about settings on the rear damper. Jessica rode her S-Works Era with a Rock Shox RS-1 with Brain, that’s luxury. I would prefer Brain front and rear if I would have bought an Epic too. 🙂

Map and stats: Movescount

Enduro, Allez, EnduroAllez, 28″ 29″???

My plan was to show a nice 6,5kg Specialized Allez under a big S now in daylight. But the photo I got was like this:

It’s not 6,5kg, it’s not so fast with a 30t chainring on asphalt and it’s not mine. But I still got it 😀

Last time I rode a mtb was in september in Kristiansand. Too long time so I borrowed a nice Specialized Enduro 29″ Elite from Specialized Concept Store Stockholm over the weekend 🙂 In my favorite color black, blue and white. Aiming to have fun tomorrow 😀 And maybe monday morning.