Soon racing time


Memories from old and not so old times gets back to you when it’s time to race some awesome races again. The 13th May is it time for the XCM Långa Billingeracet again, didn’t race it last year as I failed but this picture is from 2015. A sunny day where I did a good race and met a lot of old friends and nice people, a day I still remember. Have been riding 30000km since that day, hopefully I will be a bit faster 🙂 And my Epic is a couple of kilos lighter than the Camber was, but with less comfort.

The day after it’s the Nordic XC Championships for Masters and an UCI race for the fast guys in Vårgårda. I did the race latest in 2010. Started in front of the 2016 U23 World Champion Jenny Rissveds:

58334_1606472127193_4426897_n (1)

But she passed me pretty fast in the mud, like most of the others 😉 Thomas Rissveds got another good picture of me then too:

Vårgårda mtb

Looking forward 😀

XC racing

Road racing is like Shimano Di2. I love to work with it but don’t want to race/have it myself. One of my best friends thought I should get a racelicens for next year and start compete as I was in better shape than ever before. He’s a wise man so got me thinking.

Then a lot of my friends got mountainbikes, friends that just ridden on road before. Got me thinking about getting a easy hardtail to ride with them as I think I got enough skills for that.

Chatting with another friend about bikes just getting more and more travel, getting bigger and heavier.

Adding 1+1+1 and remembering times like this:


I do understand that 29er are better than 26″. I understand that damping needs to be good performing and parts be stiff enough to not loose power. My Merida was 7,6kg raceready and I raced a lot with it. Kattegattstouren in the beginning of June went like a dream, PR on Grenserittet and so on.

XC Racing is the thing for 2017 I think, or Gravelgrinding. I don’t think the hardtail is dead and I will prove it. I think narrow bars, 47mm tires and low socks are dead 😉 Want to push the sport forward like Christoph Sauser.

Stockholm CX

Was looking through old pictures and found the memory of riding cx in sand in the middle of Stockholm with high profile carbon wheels and A. Dugast tubulars:


Cyclocross is hard and demands skills that I didn’t have that day, disliked that course a lot but the venue was cool and it was people (non cyclists) watching. It was good for the sport.

Tomorrow I will ”race” again, or a trainingrace and I believe there isn’t going to be a single on watching the race that’s not a cyclist. But it’s the same city and I will use red bar tape once again.

Will you race cross this season?

Throwback Thursday

Found a couple of old pictures from 2007 and 2008. 2007 in Landskrona racing for Åstorps CK:

DSC_7281 Jonas på språng DSC_7287 - Jonas igen

And from Borås CA’s mtb race in 2008:

jonas varvar

And in the first climb of Mörksuggejakten 2008:


Just for fun I will add a picture from Ymerracet 2009 too. Look at the bike 😉

bor�s 044

It’s a bit funny too. At the race in Borås in 2008 I bought the Drylane Bib’s seen at Mörksuggejakten 2008 from Allebike from which I have a bottle from on the first two pictures in 2007 ;). As it was wet and muddy at Ymerracet 2009 (was on a saturday) and I didn’t had any mudtires I ordered a pair on Facebook late friday evening from Allebike too. Great store that really are into racing 😀

Soon it’s time again


Riding a bike and eating icecream, can it be better? Or riding a hole day with mountains, fjords and great weather:


Or the first ride on mtb for the season:


Or doing a small race with friends and end with a super ride on new tracks afterwards:


Sometimes it can be good suffering up a long climb too with company that got a lot of more power than you:


Looking forward to the spring and summer 😀

Searching: A place to stay over in Stockholm sunday to monday

Any nice person reading my blog that got a bed or sofa with a place for me sunday to monday in Stockholm? A short visit and would be nice to meet a nice people instead of staying alone on some hotel or something.


Write a comment or send an e-mail to me at if you want. Would be great 🙂

XCO SM Course

Went to try the XCO course for the weekends National Championship today with a friend. Ended with riding first lap with another friend in good shape until Eskil joined us. Hard climbs if you ask me and super downhills, big change from their normal Hallbyrundan course at the same place.

First technical thing called Kings Landing:

Second that isn’t on a video is a nice drop where you can pass people riding the outside line:

Last big thing is the thing called The Wall. As the name says it’s very steep with a steep landing. Feels best when going slow over it, tried to lift my front wheel a bit more on the third lap and I landed to far down:

Here from today:

With a not so good picture of Ville riding it:

Dropper post rules 😉 And as Elna Dahlstrand write between the lines, this course suits double chainring pretty good 😉

My slow stats from today: Movescount

Tabergs finest

What a day. Nice singletracks, good food, ice cream, good friends and okey weather. Eskil showed me and Hampus the best around Taberg including the Tabergs top that is 346m or around there over the sea. A mountain sticking up as you can see here with Eskil and Hampus watching the view:



A Specialized 29er, a Trek 29er and Cannondale 26 fs:



Think I have to try a good 29er too, or just train more/better as I had a hard time keeping up. Lowered my pressure a bit so 20psi today which was much better than yesterday. Great tyres those Tufo XC4.

Rode up between the cows on a very steep field, almost made it. All three almost made it, had to get of the bike one time each. Hard climb but fun when you’re up and interesting when you are on the lowest gear, high heart rate and feeling that you can’t manage to get the pedals around you still can make it 🙂 Rode down a nice singletrack with many technical mistakes from me but great training and fun trail. On the bottom looking up it’s pretty steep:



Great ride, and here is the stats from the 2h: Movescount

idol pic

Nothing special to blog about what I’ve seen, or maybe because I’m not that much at the computer at the moment to find the nice thing. Meanwhile you get to look at this picture of me racing:

And open for tips, questions or recommendations to blog about. Write it here as a comment or an e-mail to: