the After Work trails

A lot to do at work today (yesterday as it’s not saturday anymore) so finished a bit later and with a planned dinner with a show (great one) at 18 we where a bit short of time riding mtb. Sad but true. But the good thing is that the small half hour me and Patrik got after work was really nice on super trails, in perfect spring weather and with a perfectly working bike. 2 climbing intervalls too, need to ride up Hammarbybacken more often 😉

Us today, Patrik with the new Specialized Ambush helmet:

Great view over Stockholm:

And here is Patrik showing his bermskills:

And my new shoes, felt great 🙂

Map and stats: Movescount

Ended the saturday with eating a good dinner and watching a different but funny show called Moulin Noir with my work Cykelspecialisten 🙂

Manque de France

But I’m back riding a bike again. Was hard today and my legs wasn’t so used to pedal as I remembered it last time. Not so warm either.

Started with a plan of 1h easy spin in good weather. The easy spin part I don’t know about but felt slow at least, rode along the coast to Åsgårdstrand and up the climb I really dislike and to Barkåker and Sem before I got home after 74min. Manage to take some picture too. Missing France as the blogpost name means so used french shoes, pedals and bibs today 😉

And a jersey with french text on 😉

and thought of geometry and fit today. If someone buys my awesome Trek Madone 6.2 I will get THE classic bike 🙂

Map and stats from today (don’t look at the heart rate): Movescount