Jonas goes Ironman!

Many of my friends are triathletes who train a lot. I only ride my bike.

Now it’s time for a change. As the big names in SCS Racing Team left for other teams or quit I got the question. If I wanted to aim at triathlon and do Kalmar Ironman with full support from the Team. Pretty amazing and it’s a chance I won’t miss even if I’m not good in either swimming or running yet. But there is time to change it.

The cycling is far but the best bike is ordered for me now. A Specialized Shiv Pro Race X1:


With the same swimtrainer as Lisa Nordén and nutrition from Etixx it will make life easier.

So now I stop with coffeerides and start the interval training seriously.

After some talking I also getting the chance to use the new triathlon collection by Café du Cycliste so training with style no matter if I swim, ride or running. Will be awesome 😀