Dressed like a champion #gelatosocks

Heard some comments on my Gelatosocks:

And today googling pictures after reading Katja’s blog about CX clothing I have to share this. There are more people riding with this cool Swiss (or Italian?) socks:

But just because one guy more using them, is it right then? Like saying that an AX-Lightness rim is good just because people ride with them, it’s a difference saying Alexandra Engen won the World Championships on them. Used by a World Champion can’t be wrong, can it?

So to get to the point. Kathrin Stirnemann won the XCE World Championships this year and look at her socks:

Also used by other Swiss and Italian riders:

So just to order a pair or two you too 😀

Windham XC World Cup news

No Scandinavian outside top 6 yesterday on the XCE.

Women Elite:

1. Jenny Rissveds – Scott-Odlo – SWE

6. Ingrid Bøe Jacobsen – Sepura XC – NOR

Men Elite:

6. Emil Lindgren – Giant Off Road Team – SWE

On what looked like a very boring course, Jenny Rissveds didn’t like it. Grass up and then grass down on a ski slope. The XCO course seems as funny but with some forest sections too, watch the Track Check with Cannondale Factory Racing here: