Tune that Crux

Some brand you like more than others. I like Sram more than Shimano. And I like Tune. The look, the quality and the weight, high end and I’m getting to old to buy low end parts just for the weight.

Got a letter today with this:

The start of my racing wheelset and a better looking and lighter stem.

The original stem is adjustable and very good to have. but not superlight:

The big thing was the small thing. The original topcap made to work with the adjustable stem:

The new Tune top cap is superlight, 16g saved 😀

The hubs are good like DT 240 but for a little lower weight and in much cooler colours. King/Kong:

Now just waiting for some rims and then with a little help from the best wheelbuilder I will build a wheelset my Crux deserves.

Thanks Tune Sweden for the parts and more to come.

CX discwheels from AX-Lightness

Much CX now, middle of the season of the sport with most cool inventions? As seen in the last blogpost you can ride AX-Lightness wheels on a CX, and seen before you can also use wheels like Madfiber and Lightweight. If you have Cantilever brakes, Europe-style. But if you got discbrakes and want something lighter then Zipp or Enve, check this:


AX-Lightness SRT 42 standard with Tune disc hubs. 20 spokes front and 24 rear at 1300Nm


front: 521g

rear: 600g

Price: 2059€

1121g rear to cross the components on the muddiest courses, who will buy a pair first?

Tuned Lefty, saved 133g

I had a Cannondale Lefty Speed XLR that came with my bike. 1393g including ti-bolts. Then I talked to Headshok-Willy (Larry in Europe) it was possible to change the outer leg to Carbon fibre to save weight. He could do it and after a couple of e-mails I sent my fork to the Netherlands. Then they screwed up and e-mailed wrong person so had to wait almost 3 weeks until they fixed it. But today I got it back 😀 Old leg:

New fork including new needle beerings and a full service. Maybe with Air tuning kit too, haven’t checked.

And then on my scale:

So dropped 133g and became better looking. 😀 Mounted on my nice bike that misses crankarms:

And a picture on the front:

After I mounted the crankarms that should come tomorrow the bike is under 7,3kg 😀 Maybe I should change the forkboot to a nicer one if I find and feels like I have to change rear derailleur. To use a long cage with double or single ring is a bit of a fail. But but, works for now.

Kocmo Cross Disk

Fortsätter på cxtemat. Har ni tröttnat på kolfiber och vill ha något stilrenare, troligen är ni då någon som fyllt 30 minskat ner på träningspassen men snabba och älskar cykel. Då är detta något för er. Kocmo Cross Disk:

Riktigt fin, speciellt med Sram Force och Tunehjul som på bilden. Avid BB7 roadbromsar.

Vet inte om den kommer säljas så här komplett eller om det bara är ett förslag som visades på Eurobike. Ramen finns iaf till salu för 1450€ ifrån Kocmo.

Tycker ni man blir för skitig för att köra cx men gillar nya fina prylar, gärna ifrån Italien i fint läder. Då ska ni kolla in Fi’zi:k’s nya skor på Cyclingnews.